Are Electric Motorbikes Being "Virtually Ignored"?

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There was a time when the Vectrix electric scooter looked set to make a serious contribution to low carbon transport. But then the recession hit. Despite the subsequent rebirth of Vectrix, and the occasional custom electric superbike gunning for speed records, electric motorbikes have remained a somewhat obscure transport solution. But Business Green reports that eMCI, an electric-only offshoot of the UK industry body Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI), is aiming to change all that. They claim that electric motorbikes aren't just as good as electric cars—they hold a number of distinct advantages over their four-wheeled counterparts:

Advocates of electric bikes say they have space advantages over cars, as well as batteries that can be removed and charged indoors. Like their larger electric counterparts, range varies from around 30 miles to 100 miles for more advances models.

However, the eMCI says the electric motorbike is "noticeable only by its absence or at best token mention" in government policy, and wants similar recognition of its benefits as its four-wheeled cousin enjoys.

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