Anti-Bike, Anti-Transit, Anti-Green Rob Ford Elected Mayor Of Toronto

Toronto Election News

I previously reported on the Toronto election that Bikes and Streetcars Are Under Threat As The Suburban Car Loving Politicians Fight Back. Last night, Rob Ford was elected in a landslide as mayor of the largest city in Canada. Voters came out in droves (highest turnout in years) to elect the "respect for taxpayers" man who will end frills and cut back on government. The first tax to go will be the auto registration tax brought in by the last mayor, and seen as a direct attack on the car.

rob ford sign

Sign seen on Toronto lawn during election. Photo: Lloyd Alter

When asked about his environmental platform during the campaign, Ford said "my dad told me to turn out the lights when I left the room."

The people of Toronto have spoken, loudly. Bike activists and environmentalists across the country should listen, there is an anger out there. Much of this was about taxes and purported waste, but a lot of it was about the war on the car, which we just lost.

Rob Ford on Bike Lanes, again

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