Ant AV Tricycle For Dancing in the Streets


Jonathan Igharas takes a cargo trike from Beijing and re-introduces it "into the context of contemporary urban street culture, this music inspired trike enables DJs and VJs to freely roam city streets and meander through the narrowest of alleyways" Just what we needed.

It is "conceptualized to become both a vehicle and platform for urban communication and interaction" and "to create sensory-filled social interventions."

ant av sound system photo open

Sliding rails allow for quick deployment and easy access to the platform contained within, making it possible to move from one location to the next without additional, repetitive setup. A side-access storage cabinet provides a space to store extra wires and other miscellaneous items.

ant av sound system photo overall

Jonathan Igharas is a Filipino-American designer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. More at his website, via NOTCOT


It is certainly better looking than the customized boom box bikes in Queens, But I am sure just as annoying. See also: Dude, Pimp My Boombox Bike
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