Amsterdam + Bicycle = Centre for Sustainable Mobility


Last week Amsterdam's council, businesses and organisations signed a letter of intent to establish the city as the world's centre of expertise on sustainable mobility. "The aim of the initiative is to support and develop projects in which all sorts of sustainable mobility can be stimulated."

And this is a city well placed for such lofty ideals. Apparently 60% of all trips in the city centre are made by bicycle. 75% of all Amsterdammers older than 12 years owns a bicycle, and 50% of them cycle daily, to such a degree that an estimated 2 million kilometres is cycled in the urban area on a daily basis.
However even with all this cycling goodness they are open to other methods of greener transport, including cargo tram, electric scooters hydro buses and freight bikes and bike taxis. All these are more are to explored under a program called 'Amsterdam Cycling to Sustainability.' The information poster (PDF) for which can found at ::iamsterdam, via Bike Europe.

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