Ad promoting cycling to work looks very familiar

Chained to work
© Unsold Studio

The website for Unsold Studios says that they focus "on creating fresh, yet timeless design work" and what could be more timeless than this ad they prepared, which promotes cycling to work. The conclusion of the message:

You realize it is not work at all. It is freedom. Liberation from traffic, paying for gas, waiting in line with commuters, or trying to find parking. Instead, you ride above pedestrians, passing traffic with the wind in your hair. You glide to your destination, awaiting your next return to the saddle.

Read the entire message (if you can't in the image) and buy a copy at Unsold Studios.

think smallDBB Volkswagen ad/Promo image

I was immediately attracted to it because it is modeled after what has been called the most successful advertising campaign in history, Doyle Dane Bernbach's series of Volkswagen ads. I keep this one on my desktop whenever I need a reminder to Think Small. I will have to pair it with the new version.

Ad promoting cycling to work looks very familiar
It "references the iconic Volkswagen ad campaign from the 1960s" and nails it.

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