Activist Cyclists Call for 100% Renewables in 10 years (Video)

Image credit: Massachusetts Climate Summer

From bike tours promoting green living in Japan to the World Naked Bike Ride, there are plenty of opportunities to take a pedal-powered-trip, and promote your favorite cause at the same time. Now young folks in Massachusetts are gearing up to do just that - setting off on a 43 town tour this summer to push for effective climate action. And you can help, even if you can't go along for the ride. The Massachusetts Climate Summer is an initiative of Massachusetts Power Shift which is calling for a 100% shift to renewable energy in ten years. (Yeah, I know it's an ambitious target, but they are not alone in calling for such drastic climate action.)

The team will be partnering with local groups across the Commonwealth to raise public awareness about the severity of the climate crisis and urge action. They'll be canvassing door-to-door, raising awareness and distributing free CFL's to households. And don't worry if you can't go along for the ride—you can vote to fund the Massachusetts Climate Summer via the Brighter Planet Project Fund.

Not convinced? Check out this fun video.

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