Abandoned Bikes Make a Poignant Photography Show

It started out simply enough: Transportation Nation, a public radio reporting project out of WNYC, asked its listeners and readers to send in photos of orphaned bicycles around the city. More than 500 people responded with their shots of lost souls.

Originally, Transportation Nation mapped their locations in an attempt to get the wrecks removed by the city. There were too many for that to ever happen, but the resultant exhibition, Abandoned Bike Project, is a fascinating display.

Noted in cool hunting, the orphaned frames have a hypnotic beauty that rises to the level of art.

As they explain:

These castoff cycles from around the city — each left to rot, chained to public property — become a captivating catalog of civic nuisance, a collection of the detritus of urban mobility in a busy city.

This one rests amongst the gathering autumn leaves.

Kissing cousins, left by the roadside.

You can imagine why or how they got left where they are.

Abandoned Bikes Make a Poignant Photography Show
Shed a tear for the fate of the poor abandoned bicycles around New York City (and your city).

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