A Safe(r) Way to Listen to Music on Your Bike


TreeHugger has documented the dangers of iPods and earphones on bicyclists before, and, though the survey said we're better off without the devices, for some, being on the road without tunes is like having peanut butter without jelly (or perhaps the Arctic without ice) -- it just isn't right. Fear not, tune-digging two-wheelers: iHome is here (hear?) to help; their 2GO iH85 is a bike-mounted stereo that plays your mp3s (it interfaces with your docking iPod -- sorry, Shuffle owners) from your bike's water bottle holder.

It's water-resistant, for anyone who enjoys long bike rides in the rain, and comes with a handlebar-mounted wireless remote for better, safer control, so you don't have to fumble around with the controls while changing lanes or anything. Get your road Radiohead on at ::iHome via ::DVICE

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