A Modern Fixed Gear with 80s BMX Style

pk ripper single speed bicycle photo

As a scrappy kid you couldn't keep your mind off your BMX--today, as a well-rounded hipster, you salivate over single speeds. If this is you, then your ship has come in. Bike-maker SE Racing and DC Shoes have melded their nostalgic brain matter to create a fixed gear bicycle that embodies the unmistakable 1980s glow a classic BMX, the PK Ripper. This aluminum-framed ride has a flip-flop hub (can alternate between single speed and fixed gear), a classic looptail rear end, "floval tubing," and--if I'm reading this right--a bottle opener built into its saddle.
The Standard Hotel in New York caught wind of this retro sensation and picked up 20 of these PK Ripper fixies for its own. After being customized to its own liking (Standardized, if you will), 15 will be made available to patrons of the New York hotel for city jaunts. The other five are being sold through the Standard's online store ($1250). Via Highsnobiety

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