A Manifesto for Bicyclists


We complain about how Toronto pays lip service to bikes but does not really follow through, and in the last year it has added exactly one kilometre of bike lanes and done little to address the carnage on the roads. On the other hand, we should be charitable because it is bike week, and people are taking action and control of the roads. At the Market Gallery a show devoted to the history of cycling in Toronto has opened; In the Toronto Star a Cycling Manifesto was published that should be a model of cyclists everywhere, signed by three members of Parliament, two Barenaked Ladies, One baker extraordinaire, a novelist and a few other high-powered and influential people. (view pdf here) Topping off the week is next Sunday's Becel Ride for the Heart, where the two main highways leading into Toronto are closed to cars and open to bicycles. One, the Gardiner, should never have been built because it is an elevated highway that cuts us off from the waterfront; the other, the Don Valley Parkway, should never have been allowed to cut through the most beautiful and green valley that was one of Toronto's greatest green assets. Both are quick ephemeral hits when in a car, but on a bike are engineering masterpieces with views, aspects and drama that is a once-a-year treasure.