A Kick-Ass Bike to Work Day 2010 in San Francisco (Video)

Bike to Work Every Day!
Bike culture in the U.S. is getting stronger by the month, and new converts start riding all the time. To keep the momentum going, there are many things to do: Work with the authorities to get more quality cycling infrastructure and recognition as a valid mode of transportation (and not just a marginal "alternative"), but also organize locally and reach out to those who are on the fence, who would like to ride, but can't seem to actually go out and do it. Events like San Francisco's Bike to Work Day are great for exactly that, getting people to take the plunge and not feel like they are the only newbie doing it. There is power in numbers! Check out the video above for an inspiring overview of this year's edition, and also check out Jaymi's coverage here. Via StreetFilms. See also: Should Cars be Allowed in NYC's Central Park? (Video)