A Bikely Story!


Whoa, Green Maps! Just look at them procreate. They might as well be rabbits. In the beginning there was THE Green Map. But the web has spawned a whole new family tree. Without even giving it much thought we can find maps for alternative fuels, renewable energy, gleaning (food salvage) and eco- travel. Now we can welcome a new budding member into the fold. Cycle routes from the world's cities, all collected in one place. It’s called 'Bikely' and seems to have been born in Australia, but quickly expanded into heaps of maps for cycling through Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, the US and elsewhere. Cyclists join up and post route descriptions with map overlays, so that others might benefit from their local knowledge. Shown here and after the fold (in a close -up) is a 50km tour of Sydney Harbour surrounds. In an embryonic stage Bikely has a few bugs, but as people people start to use its systems these hiccups appear are being resolved, via the online forum. Take it for a spin. ::Bikely, via a tip from Nick A.


A zoomed in view of the same ride route, showing it crossing Sydney's Harbour Bridge and skirting south of the Opera House.

PS. You may have noticed we've the Bikley story twice. Oops, some confusion behind the scenes here at TH. Just enjoy the maps from different parts of the world, and please pardon our indulgence.