A Bike With Baggage: Biomega and Puma's New Mopion

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The Puma Bike family, (as designed by KiBiSi, manufactured and sold by Biomega), has a new sibling. The Mopion is an urban cargo bicycle with a bit of twist. It has large cargo capacity, approaching the likes of a Long John style bike, yet packages it in a frame more closely resembling a stretched out version of the more traditional diamond frame city bike.

This hybrid combination of bike designs should mean it will heft loads of gear or groceries more easily than than your average bicycle, whilst retaining easy to handle manouverability.

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The media release announcing the Mopion is, unfortunately, rather bereft of details. But here's the little we do know. The aluminium frame gives the bike a weight of 22 kg (48.5 lbs). The frame geometry "holds the body in a slightly inclined, but still heads-up position for navigational ease and exceptional balancing." The Mopion won't be available until 2011, but is currently having its unveiling at the bike trade shows of Eurobike and Interbike, where it is showing off its three colourways (so to speakl) of white, black, and the candy-hued, multi-coloured option.

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If you want a Puma Biomega cargo bike and can't wait until 2001, then you'll have to settle for their BMX inspired Pico, which is for sale at their Puma Biomega online store
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