Great-Grandpa Discovers the Joy of Biking, Becomes a Paperboy at Age 86

old paperboy photoKARE-TV/Screen capture

While many folks more than half his age have relegated bike-riding as merely a pleasent pastime from their youth, one octogenarian in Minnesota is proving that finding the joy of cycling anew just might be the key to staying young at heart.

On Christmas day four years ago, when Bud Shaefer unwrapped a bicycle gifted to him by his adult children, he was sure they'd wasted their money. But it wasn't long before the 86-year-old retiree decided to give it a try -- and in so doing, he discovered the hobby of a lifetime, and a pleasurable part-time job to boot.

According to a report from Minneapolis news station KARE-11, the pedal-loving great-grandpa soon found himself riding every day for fun and exercise. So, when a newspaper delivery spot opened up in his quaint community of 800 residents, he jumped at the opportunity to bring folks their papers while doing what he loved to do anyways.

To be sure, the pay's not great, but that seems to matter little to the region's oldest (and perhaps most reliable) paperboy. "You try it sometime, you'll like it too," says Shaefer.

Keep it up, Bud. You're an inspiration to us all.

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