700-Meter Vertical Commute and Other Crazy Bike Rides in Swiss Alps! (Videos)

Including a 700-Meter Vertical Commute
So you liked the awesome camera-on-helmet mountain bike videos from Chile and British Columbia? Here's more, this time from the Swiss Alps. The first one shows a 700-meters vertical commute between the store where the guy works and his home. Imagine doing that every day! As usual with these types of videos, there's a motion sickness warning. A camera strapped to a skilled mountain-biker isn't going to be very stable and smooth... But if you have a strong stomach, check out the video above and those below. More exciting than any motor sport!

Testing some mountain bikes, here is Steve form the Orange Mountain Bikes store.

verbier swiss alps photo

Photo: Wikipedia, CC

If you're wondering where all of this was shot, it was around Verbier, in the Swiss Alps.

The area has around 200 kilometers (125 miles) of bike paths and 400 km of hiking trails (250 miles). During the winter, Verbier is "recognized as one of the premiere 'off-piste' locations worldwide and counts among Europe's most famous ski-resorts". I've never been, but from these videos, it looks amazingly beautiful.

A lunch break ride. Best way to get your mind off work!

The video quality's worse on this last one. I think the dead leaves on the ground are screwing up the video compression... But it's still a fun ride!

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