6 Ways to Avoid Bike Theft

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David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, is a poster boy for bike-riding. Almost. Firstly, where's the helmet. And secondly, he keeps having his bikes stolen.

The second one was nicked last week, from the front of his house. So what should he, and all cyclists, be doing to avoid theft? After the fold: some helpful hints.


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l. Get a Good Lock

Invest 10-20% of the cost of your bike on the lock. The hardened steel D-locks are highly recommended. Use two locks: a D-lock and a chain and the robber needs 2 different kinds of tools to get them off.

2. Lock it Properly

Put the lock through the frame and lock it to something immovable. Leave as little slack in the chain as possible.
Don't leave the padlock lying on the ground where it can be whacked open.

3. Consider the Value of your Bike

That means, the more valuable it is, the more the thieves will want it.
Don't park in the same spot every day.
Don't let it stand out as the most expensive one around.

4. Disguise the Brand

A hard one to stomach, but put tape over the name or spray paint the frame an ugly colour.
Even if the thieves see the brandname, the re-sale value has been lowered.

5. Consider a Folding Bike

Folding bikes are expensive but you can take them with you.

6. Buy a Cheap Bike

They don't have so much street-cred but equally, no one wants to steal them. The Guardian
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