4-Storey High Portland Mural Welcomes You to 'America's Bicycle Capital'

Nice Mural!

A lot of cities woud like to claim the title of America's Bike Capital. Some have been doing a great job to welcome cyclists for a long time, others used to be pretty bad historically but have made a lot of progress in the recent past. There are certainly valid arguments to be made for many cities... But in pretty much all "top" lists, Portland is near the top, if not at the top. It's an inspiration to other, and so, if any city can have a 4-storey mural that proclaims it to be the bike capital in the U.S., it's probably Portland.

Jonathan Maus has been doing a great job of documenting the bike culture of the city over at BikePortland, and I encourage you to follow him on Twitter. It's where I found this mural, and I just thought it was nice (in a minimalistic, road signage kind of way) and that I should share it with you guys & gals...

It was created by Todd Roll, the owner of Pedal Bike Tours in Old Town. It's on the the north side of his building at 133 SW 2nd Ave.

Via BikePortland

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