24-Carat Gold-Plated Folding Bike. Any Takers?

gold plated brompton photo

Image credit: Sean O'Dell

From bike races in business attire at the Brompton World Championships to a DIY electric assist kit for the classic folding bike, the Brompton seems to be a magnet for the unusual. But I'm really not sure what to make of this pimped-out 24-carat-gold-plated Brompton that's just gone on sale on eBay. I do know it will take a brave soul to ride that thing in public.According to The Guardian, the gold-plated Brompton was originally given away as a prize by the Environmental Transport Association, a UK-based breakdown service. The bike features a pool-ball stickshift, stop-cock hinge clamps and skateboard wheels for rollers.

So far it's had two owners, neither of whom have really used it for their daily ride. (The eBay posting claims current mileage at about 250 meters!) Nevertheless, current owner Sean O'Dell seems to be hoping it will find a good home with someone who will actually ride it this time, having taken the trouble to get a full tune up and upgrades from a bike shop specializing in Bromptons.

At a Buy It Now price of nearly GBP2000, I sure hope the tune ups were worth it! But O'Dell may ave a hard time convincing a sceptical public, if the comments on the Guardian bike blog are anything to go by. Commenter SomeFatSprinter even went as far as to declare ""You can't gloss a turd." I guess he's not a fan of the Brompton.

Those interested should head on over to eBay to make their offer.

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