20 Freaky Bikes As Selected by Matador Life

Mutandem photo

Matador Life is about people in their hometowns, how they represent where they're from, and what we can learn from each of the unique places we inhabit. Amongst the portraits of people's hometowns and profiles of individuals strongly rooted in their communities, you'll find bike-related content, such as The World's 15 Most Bike Friendly Cities, 6 Reasons to Go By Bike, How to Be Good (Better) Drivers and Cyclists, and How to Choose a Touring Bicycle.

But right now they have up "20 of the Freakiest Custom Bikes on the Road." The title might be a tad grandiose, but the images are quite fun. Above we've plucked No. 10 Alan Sikiric's Mutandem. And after the fold, No. 20, a pedal powered tank (by Sailor Neale of the East Vancouver PedalPlay metal studio.)

bicycle tank. photo

To see the other 18 pop by ::Matador Life, via Chris

Photos: First by Dancing Weapons of Mass destruction on Flickr and Second: Foxtongue. Both via Matador Life.

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