13 Quadracycles: Four Wheeled Bike Round-Up


What looks like your average 15 person, people-powered Buscycle, is in reality a 1989 Dodge cargo van, albeit after an extreme makeover. Bed frames, office chairs, bicycles were thrown into the mix as well, not forgetting the hockey arena plexiglass shield either. Buscycle


The Swiss Zero Emissions Machine) allows each rider to pedal at their own strength, rather than trying to keep up with the fittest. Comes complete with hydraulic disc brakes, 4-point Elastomer shocks, Hella/Basta lighting, individually adjustable ergonomic bucket seats, and safety harnesses for passengers. ZEM


It’s a Dutch mobile pub, for groups up to 17 people, who can transport themselves by pedalling. Not all guests do have to cycle; the Fietscafe is provided with 10 freewheels, so riders can change seats from time to time. Pedal Pub is the name of the same vehicle available in the US. Fietscafe


Like the Fietscafe, this 10 person cycling pub. Eight can cycle if so disposed, but it can be moved by just four. Along the flat is fine but hills present more of a challenge. And it comes with its own sound system, lighting and not forgetting the 1000 litres worth of drinks capacity. TreeHugger

Toyota RLV

The Renewable Lifestyle Vehicle is only a concept vehicle. But it is said it would involve a hybrid, 'split' powertrain solution of pedal power for stuck in traffic speeds and an electric mode for faster travel. Bioplastic, bamboo and aluminium create the panelling and cockpit. Toyota RLV

Bike Forklift

Probably not all that practical as it can only hoist up about 72 to 100kg (160-220 lb), but this little number from Japan does show that with a little thought bikes can be adapted to most anything. Bike Forklift
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