100mph 'Entry Level' Electric Motorbike

roehr electric motorcycle photo

Image credit: Roehr Motorcycles

A serious offering in the electric motorbike market could be a big step forward for more sustainable transportation. From the space-age EV-X7 prototype electric bike to this 125mph electric superbike, there's plenty of eye candy out there. But the response to my post about the rebirth of Vectrix electric scooters showed that many bike-lovers are none too impressed with the price tags or performance of what's on offer so far. Now American sportsmotorcycle manufacturer Roehr is getting in on the act—though if their pedigree is anything to go by, this one is more likely to be for the speed demons than the average commuter.Roehr Motorcycles LLC, the maker of the fastest and most powerful American production sportbike, the 180hp,1250sc, are entering the electric bike market with two offerings—the eSuperbike and the lower spec'd eSupersport. Both feature an AC induction motor and Li-On batteries.

The eSuperbike will feature 96 hp, and 210 lb/ft of torque and a high energy discharge, 10 Kwh battery pack. Meanwhile the "entry level" eSupersport will boast 48 hp, 105 lb/ft of torque, high energy 6 Kwh battery pack. Given the fact the company claims a top speed of 100mph, even for the entry level model, these are definitely vehicles intended to entice the average gearhead away from their internal combustion engine. (No bad thing, in my view.)

Both vehicles should be launched this Spring. Sadly, pricing is yet to be announced, but I suspect they won't be cheap.

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