100 Iconic Bicycles At Your iPad Fingertips (Video)

CYCLEPEDIA for iPad is a collection of 100 truly classic bikes, displayed in interactive style (you can spin each bicycle 360º and magnify gorgeous details 20x) - from the simple Skoot folding bike, to Tour de France road biking classics, to strange and striking bicycle "experiments" that never took hold in the mainstream.

Most of the bikes hail from the bicycle collection of Michael Embacher, a designer who started collecting bikes in 2003 and previously published a book called Smart Move showing some of his treasures.

Though there is little from the 19th century and the bicycle's beginnings, CYCLEPEDIA is a detailed walk through 20th century bicycle history, with some unique extra archival video and original brochures and user manuals to make things interesting. Gorgeous bicycle photos from Bernhard Angerer's collection are a plus.

Also available as a hardbound book (since March 2011) from Thames & Hudson, CYCLEPEDIA A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs gives the impression that bicycles are working their way back into people's consciousness as a symbol of beauty and enduring design genious.

CYCLEPEDIA available at iTunes app store starting tomorrow, December 20.

100 Iconic Bicycles At Your iPad Fingertips (Video)
This new iPad app is an encyclopedia of bicycle history told through the views of 100 iconic bikes.

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