The Biken Banana Holder Is the Ultimate Must-Have Cycling Accessory

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There is a world-wide movement happening, known as Bicycle Urbanism. It's all about making our cities safe and comfortable for biking and promoting the use of bicycles as an important part of the transportation infrastructure. It's about moving cycling away from spandex and racing gear, and making it casual, comfortable and normal.

One of the huge impediments to the acceptance of everyday utility cycling, that has really prevented it from going seriously mainstream, has been the inability to comfortably carry a banana on a bicycle. Now San Francisco bike accessory company Biken has solved this intractable problem with its new Banana Holder. They write:

banana holder on handlebars

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This is a banana holder made of genuine leather. It is designed to allow riders to safely carry and easily access a banana. You can hang the banana holder on a bike frame as well as a seat, handlebars, and your waist belt.

Critics have noted that it is not without its problems. It appears to be made only for bananas that curve to the right; they have not introduced a left-handed model, which has been seen as the usual discrimination against the lefties.

banana holder on belt

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While most states have "open carry" laws that permit people to wear a holstered banana in public, police have warned that they will confiscate banana holders during critical mass rides and other events where the bananas might be used as weapons. Nonetheless, they are training for such an event by watching John Cleese demonstrate how to defend yourself against a man armed with a banana. Available from Biken for $ 62.50

UPDATE upon reading this post, an outraged Mikael Colville-Andersen of complained that this was another example, like helmets and reflective vests, of complicating and accessorizing what should be a casual, comfortable and normal process.

@lloydalter You don't transport bananas on bikes. You EAT them on bikes. Duh.
— Copenhagenize/Mikael (@copenhagenize) April 1, 2014