Bike While You Work With the NextDesk Velo

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The newest offering from award-winning U.S. desk manufacturer NextDesk is an innovative bicycle add-on.

Staying active while working in the office has just become easier than ever, thanks to a new product released by NextDesk. The award-winning American desk company has launched the Velo, a bicycle add-on that allows users to bike while they work – a perfect combination for health and productivity.

The bicycle seat is wide and comfortable – not your typical narrow bike saddle. This is a seat in which you’ll be happy to spend hours pedaling without your bottom going numb. It is adjustable to 19 different positions and can accommodate weight up to 400 lbs.

Ideally, the Velo would be paired with an adjustable desk made by NextDesk (reviewed here), so that the user can move easily from standing to sitting to biking all day long; however, because it is adjustable, it can, in theory, be used with any other desk. Being physically active while working is known to increase creativity and output, reduce stress, and burn calories at the same time – a win-win situation for employers and employees alike.

There are added options for tracking your fitness with the Velo: “An included USB data port saves your pedal revolutions, distance, calories, and duration data for easy upload to your [free Velo Club] account when you’re finished with your workout.” It is also compatible with Active Trac, a free Android and iOS app that allows users to sync fitness data with popular trackers such as Strava and MyFitnessPal.

While bicycle desks are not a new invention, many tend to be more permanent installations, i.e. the Kickstand desk that’s specially built to accommodate a bike underneath, the FitDesk bicycle with a laptop platform built out the front, and the beautiful but large and expensive We-Bike. The Velo, by contrast, is much simpler and requires less of a commitment. It’s just a seat, that’s easily removable and can be replaced by a regular chair when the mood hits. You can continue using a regular-sized desk, even one with a desktop computer on top. Add in the bonus day-long workout, and you’ve got a real winner!

The Velo starts at $797 and can be ordered online.

Update: In late 2017, NextDesk rebranded as XDesk.