Bike Tricks From 100 Years Ago (Now THAT Is Old-School!)

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The original Edwardian bike hipsters

What's old is new again. Fancy Cycling, a book first published in the UK at the start of the Edwardian Era (1901) is being reissued. Here's how the publisher describes it:

This is a special cloth hardcover gift edition reproduction of the original 1901 book which was one of the first to promote daring tricks for weird and wonderful acrobatics on two wheels, such as handle bar riding, riding backward and standing on the seat riding, hands off! Illustrated with period photographs showing outlandish daredevil "fancy cycling" stunts that have to be seen to be believed, it wonderfully captures a bygone age when popular fads and crazes were met with wild enthusiasm and is a delightful keepsake for cycling or sports enthusiasts.

It would make a wonderful gift for those bike enthusiasts in your life!

Fancy Cycling, 1901: An Edwardian Guide

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Gotta just love how they're all wearing suits and look so straight-faced. Different times...

100 years old bike tricks

Old House/Public Domain

100 years old bike tricks

Old House/Public Domain

The only thing that would make it more impressive is some tricks for Penny-farthings (aka high wheelers) like this one:


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And just for fun, here's a bonus modern image from an unknown author:

Hipster bike and car

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Via Fancy Cycling, 1901: An Edwardian Guide, Guardian