Bike Storage Towers Become an "Iconic Gateway"

©. CoveBurgess

CoveBurgess Architects make a beautiful statement in an ugly roundabout.

London's Old Street roundabout used to be in a crappy part of town, but now, Shoreditch is hot. There is a design competition happening that Dezeen says will see the removal of the "outdated and intimidating" 1960s roundabout and its replacement with an "innovative idea" to rejuvenate the junction.

silicon hill from above

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"Old Street is an iconic location, and its transformation will hugely improve the area for pedestrians, public transport users, cyclists and people who live and work nearby," said Islington Council's executive member for environment and transport, councillor Claudia Webbe.

silicon hill

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Carlton Reid of BikeBiz highlights the CoveBurgess shortlisted entry, which is all about bikes -- three glass towers storing two hundred bikes each.

closeup of silicon hill

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CoveBurgess partner Dan Cove said: “This is an exciting concept which reactivates the public realm around this key highway junction. We have incorporated a practical solution to cycle storage, whilst incorporating a aesthetically dynamic vision for this busy junction."

triangular ugly building

Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Now if they could only get rid of that eye-poppingly bad distorted building that you can see from the roundabout; that would seriously improve the neighborhood. It is truly the ugliest new building I have ever seen.