This Is Bike Rush Hour in Copenhagen (How It Should Be Everywhere)

Screen capture. Vimeo

Jim Salde has filmed a great timelapse video of a Copenhagen intersection at rush hour. There are cars, of course, but what's immediately striking is the number of people riding bikes. If we use our imagination and picture each of those bikes as being a car, it's easy to see how this benign kind of rush hour could turn into the kind that is common elsewhere, with bumper-to-bumper traffic spewing pollution as drivers get less healthy from lack of exercise...

You know us, we're big fans of Copenhagen and its bike culture. We have a lot to learn from it. Five years ago, I wrote a post titled "Copenhagen is Our Future (If We're Smart)". In it there's this great video from our friends at Streetfilms showing what it's like to bike in the city as a North-American who is not used to it:

You should really check it out. It helps understand what the city has done to get where it is, and a lot of small things that cities around the world could easily copy to improve.

Here's another video showing things that help make Copehagen a more bike-friendly city:

One of those things that is popular there and not nearly enough in North-America, and that would make biking so much more convenient for all kinds of utility takes, is the cargo bike (their equivalent to a SUV):