Bike Moves: More Popular Than We Thought

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Our previous post on Bike Moves (that is a group of friends moving an entire household by bike) proved pretty popular, and our ever vigilant commenters were able to furnish us with a little more info on this cultural phenomenon. Anthill sent us details of two more cool bike moves here and here (both of these were in Ottawa — anyone else know of bike moves anywhere else around the world?), we also found out from Beth that the bike move 'scene' in Portland which, apparently, has recently included a bikini bike move, complete with water guns (which has the potential to be extremely popular on YouTube, if video footage was available ) is coordinated by a crew known as Shift2Bikes. Other activities organized by Shift include workshops, bike hikes, and Midnight Mystery Rides (see our previous post on Midnight Mystery Rides here). Shift describe their mission as follows:

"SHIFT revels in expressing Portland's creative bike culture through performance events and bike fun intended to highlight the positive contributions of bicycling for the community at large. As a loose-knit and informal bunch of bike-loving folks, we ask for no membership, nor dues, only a shared passion for the bicycle in all its glory: as toy, as transportation, as a tool for social and environmental change!"

Hooray, then, for bike moves, and hooray for Shift2Bikes — anyone who is able to show the potential for bikes as a real transport mode, while having fun in the process, is doing a service for us all. ::Shift2Bikes::and Vic Gedris::via readers' tips::