Bike Cargo, Chapter 3: 22 Extended Frame Bikes

Monark Long John cargo bike photo
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This is the third in a four-part series on how to haul anything and everything by bike.
Bike Cargos for All Tastes!
In our endeavours to take a snapshot of the world of Bicycle Cargo we have to date looked at the racks and bags used for bicycle cargo as well as the bicycle tailer. Now in Chapter Three, we take a gander at over 20 extended frame bikes, as used for the hauling of people, product or produce.

Please note, our earlier round-up of Quads and Tricycles also captured quite a few human powered-vehicles used as bicycle transport. (In the next upcoming chapter, we'll showcase some of those businesses that rely on cargo bikes to get the job done.)


bakfiets cargo bike and trike photo

The Bakfiets have become a symbol for the resurgence in urban cargo bikes. Originally designed for hauling loads of commercial goods around, the large cargo hold has proven useful for also transporting people, in particular small children. Bakfiets have taken the generic Dutch term of 'Box Bike' as their own for a range of models, spanning both two wheeled bikes and three wheeler trikes. Using the same principle of a spacious plywood box mounted on the front of the bike with an inherent low centre of gravity. All manner of accessories like weather covers and seats are available to extend further the usefulness of such bikes. Bakfiets


bullitt cargo bike photo

Taking a different tack, the Bullitt is modern version of the Bakfiets, designed by two Danes who've lent their names to the parent company, Larry vs Harry. Weighing in at just 22 kg, the aluminium framed Bullitt can obtained in a whole raft of colour and specification options. 13 in fact. Yet for all its streamlined styling and relative lightweight the Bullit is designed to haul heavy loads around the city. It's available from Dealers in the USA and Europe. Larry vs Harry. Bullitt


8 freight cargo bike photo

8 Freight is name to given the cargo hauler conceived by famous cycle racer and bicycle designer, Mike Burrows. Although difficult to find available for sale and with several reports of frame fatigue in its aluminium engineering, the 8 Freight is nevertheless well regarded by cycle couriers and cycle delivery businesses, who praise it for its handling and manoeuvrability, whilst coping with large, heavy and awkward loads. What set s it apart from many of the other cargos seen here is that the load is positioned behind the rider, not in front.


Bilenky cargo bike photo

Hailing from Philadelphia in the USA, Bilenky contruct all manner of bikes, no solely cargo bikes. Of interest here is their 100 kg rated cargo bike, which sports a smaller front wheel. They say this provides for tighter turning. The long wheel base obviously provides for a smoother ride, with the long chrome-moly steel frame absorbing road undulations. One of a few commercial cargo bikes made in the US, it can be obtain in your choice of ten colours. Bilenky Cargo Bike


cargocycle photo

If you like your current bike frame and geometry but want to heave large loads around the place, then consider the Cargocycle. You remove your bike's back wheel plus the chain and rear brake. Then mount a new extending sub-frame to your bike's seat post and rear wheel dropouts, without need of any welding or further frame adaptation. The subframe can hold a box with a capacity of about 120 litres, without unduly affecting ride performance. Although a few working earlier editions were manufactured, the Cargocycle's designer is now looking the sell the licence for his patent to interested companies. Cargocycle


Christiana cargo bike photo

Although 33 years young, Christiania bicycles of Copenhagen draw on the heritage of the century old Scandinavian box bike tradition. Their Transporter bike's 100 kg carrying capacity has been described by their Australian distributor as the equivalent of three kids and groceries or 20 power tools or seven slabs of beer. The 24 inch wheels are married with an alloy frame and 9mm marine ply wooded box, that will just as easily transport kids as it will freight of all sorts. Several sizes and shapes of box are on offer, including one that accommodates wheelchairs. Christiania Bikes Transporter

Frances Cycles

Frances Small Haul cargo bike photo

Joshua Muir, handcrafts bikes in his Santa Cruz, Calfornia workshop. He has several models of frame that he can adapt for customers (of he can make complete custom bikes. One of those standard frames is for his Small Haul, seen here. It's is rated to haul up to 80lbs (36 kg), however should you need to hump 200lbs (90kg) about the place, Joshua can rustle you up the heftier Cycletruck. Most of his materials are sourced in the USA and not owning a car he rides frames over to his local paint shop for their sprucing up. Francis Cycles Small Haul