This Is the Biggest Cow You've Ever Seen

©. Some other cow. We don't have the photo rights for Knickers. The pictures below are the real deal though. (Photo: Shutterstock/David MG)

I really thought this was fake when I saw it, but apparently, it's the real deal. Treehuggers, meet Knickers, the giant Australian cow.

The Internet has been obsessed with Knickers for the last week or two, and for good reason. This cow (some people will tell you he's a steer, but I'm going with the English everyone actually uses) is 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and that's only from hoof to shoulder. I guess nobody wanted to deal with measuring up to the top of his head? He's 1.5 tons.

What else can I tell you about him? He's a Holstein Friesian, a breed from Northern Germany and Holland. This breed runs big, which explains why Knickers got to be so massive (though he is certainly on the big side, even for the breed).

"All the other cattle seem to get attracted to him," said one of him farmers in a YouTube video. "They always look up to him. Obviously."

Knickers is also older than most steers, who tend to get slaughtered when they're around four years old. He was so big, he wouldn't fit through the processing facility, so the farmers let him live. Yay?