Betty White Sponsors a Guide Dog Team Every Christmas

Betty White, the world's most appealing celebrity and favorite person ever, has revealed her annual Christmas gift. If you're already predicting it will make you feel guilty for buying anything at all, you're right.

"Well, for Christmas, I usually sponsor a guide dog team," she tells The Huffington Post. "A person and a guide dog. And that's, like, a $50,000 investment, so I sponsor that and I send notes to all my friends saying a guide dog has been adopted in their honor."

If that doesn't make you want to hug her repeatedly, her response as to whether she asks for any gifts will make you reach for the adoption papers.

"I'm an only child and I have no family, so my golden retriever and I love to spend a quiet Christmas together. It's just delightful. It's maybe one of my few days off all year. [Laughs]"

As for why White works so much, she shares that it's both a passion for a career spanning 65-years and a desire to continue helping animals.

"I just appreciate the fact that everybody gets to know about Morris Animal Foundation, particularly," she says. "We're an animal health organization. We fund humane studies of specific health problems of dogs, cats, horses and zoo and wildlife and I appreciate the national contributions that come in. So I have to stay in show business to pay for my animal business."

8th Wonder of the World? Perhaps. A classy lady with a big heart and lots of sass to match? Absolutely. When asked whether she's seen Miley Cyrus's nude "Wrecking Ball" music video, the same one she spoofed last month, White replied:

"I did see the original. There's just a little difference in our age and build, but other than that we're the same person. [Laughs]"