The 7 Best Best Wooden Swing Sets of 2023

The Orangutang Fort Swing Set is our pick for swings made with less plastic.

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& Best Wooden Swing Sets

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Spending time outside in the backyard is great way to for kids to experience nature, and learn to love and care for it. Outside time also has enormous health and emotional benefits for children. Nature alone can provide plenty of activities, but some families and communities may want to invest in additional items to inspire active outdoor play.

If you’re in the market for a swing set, chances are you’ve seen plenty of plastic ones out there. Yet, if you want a more eco-friendly option, it can seem like it’s a lot harder to find. This list is here to help. Take a look at these mostly wooden swings and structures that will give your kids a great outdoor play space while also being more sustainable overall.

We researched the market to find the best wooden swing sets.

Best Overall

Orangutan Fort Swing Set

Orangutan Fort Swing Set

Beyond Backyards

If you want a swing set that kids will love but is also sturdy enough for adults, then the Orangutan Fort from Tree Frog might be the one for you. It starts with the swing beams, which are made from 4 x 6 inch solid lumber and never laminated. Then the rest of the wood is also thick—a mix of premium cedar and redwood. By the way, this wood comes from certified mills committed to chemical-free, sustainable harvesting of trees, so you can feel good about what your kids are playing on.

Tree Frog has several design options available, which you can customize as needed, but this Orangutan is one of the best and most popular options out of the box. It includes a 14-square-foot deck, a rock wall, trapeze, two swings, wave slide, and built-in sandbox. There's have a location finder on the website for stores that carry them locally, or you can also place an order directly online.

A Note on Materials

The frames of all our recommended swing sets are wooden, but for safety reasons the swing chains, slides and other components may be made from metal or plastic.

Best Budget

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set


For a basic swing set made for younger kids and with an emphasis on swinging, the Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set from Backyard Discovery will do the job for a more affordable price. The structure has two swings, a short slide, a play platform, and ladder with rock climbing grips. It even has a chalk board for messages and art.

The base of the set measures 10.2 x 8.9 feet, and it's just under 8 feet tall. The play deck is shaded with mesh panels. Assembly is required, all the parts come pre-drilled and the accompanying app is recommended to help guide you through building the set.

Best with Slide

Kids Creations Aerial Flyer Swing Set

Kids Creations Aerial Flyer Swing Set

Kids Creations

Kids Creations has built a strong reputation as being friendly while also making quality, sustainable products. The company makes all its signature swing sets in Michigan out of California redwood, which is naturally decay and insect-resistant. They have several pre-designed models to choose from, including the Aerial Flyer Swig Set.

You can also easily create and customize your own design. This design also has a climbing wall, swing area, and playhouse with a lookout. These swing sets come with free shipping and a warranty for up to five years. Assemble it yourself to save yourself a bit of money, or get a quote from Kids Creations to have it done for you.

Best Simple Design

Jack and June Jungle Swing Set

Jack and June Jungle Swing Set


Here’s another simple A-frame design, but this one has a much higher weight limit at 1,500 pounds overall. This is good news for those adults who want a turn on the swing or for your kids as they grow up from toddlers to teens. The solid wood is sustainable sourced and FSC certified, and everything is pre-drilled and ready to go for easy assembly.

It’s even UV resistant and pre-stained, making it one of the best low-maintenance options you can count on for years. It comes with two swings and trapeze rings, but feel free to switch that out for a toddler swing as needed. You might pay a bit more for this simple design, but you can be sure that the quality is worth it.

Best Large Design

Creative Cedar Designs Sequoia Wooden Playset

Creative Cedar Designs Sequoia Wooden Playset


If you have the space, then you’ll definitely want to consider this swing set. It has 11 different activities and can have as many as 20 kids playing on it at once. Made from cedar, it really does have something for everyone. You’ll get two slide areas, two play decks, a climbing wall, a picnic table area, a sandbox, and a swing area that holds up to 250 pounds for each swing.

If you buy it through your local store, you can usually pay to get assembly—or do it yourself to save. This one is sure to become a popular stomping ground for all the kids in your neighborhood.

Best Unique Design

Pirate Play Ships

Pirate Play Ships

Pirate Play Ships

This family-owned business started with one guy who wanted to build a unique playset for his kids. He constructed an entire wooden pirate ship, which soon turned into a business of making them for others. The different ship designs can include anything from a plank and a trap door to more traditional elements like swings and a slide.

It’s a very small business, but you can make a custom order and even hire Pirate Play Ships to travel to you for installation. Or if you're handy with woodworking, you can buy his plans instead (available at This is one of the most unique wood designs out there!

Best DIY Plans

Sinel House Plans Kids Playhouse Swing Set

Sinel House Plans Kids Playhouse Swing Set


If you’re not quite ready for ship-level building plans, then check out this easier, straightforward design option. This step-by-step plan includes a shopping list, cut list, and full step-by-step instructions. Plus it’s one of the best-rated plans on Etsy for swing sets.

The design includes four swings, a slide, a play platform, and a sandbox. It’s also easy to modify or customize to your specific needs. You should be able to knock out this design in a single weekend, so your kids will be swinging and playing in no time.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple swing set that’s good for both kids and adults, consider the Jack and June Jungle Swing Set. If you want a play set with lots of different activity areas, our top pick is the Orangutan Fort.  

What to Look for in a Wooden Swing Set

Safety and Weight Capacity

All toys sold in the United States are required by law to meet ASTM standards for safety. However, it's important to check the weight limit for a swing set, as not all swings are designed for bigger kids or adults.

If the product seems flimsy, rickety, or has any visible cracking or defects, return it.


When making any large purchase, it's always a good idea to measure your space before shopping. In addition making sure you know the length and width of your yard, also consider the height of anything overhanging the area, like tree branches. You'll also want to factor in walking space around the swing set, as well as the landing area for features like slides.


By choosing a wooden swing set, you’re already taking an important step towards a more sustainable structure in your yard compared to a plastic toy. If you want to take it one step further, take time to read about the companies and learn about their practices. For instance, learn if they use wood sourced locally or from sustainable sources, such as those with Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

If the information is not provided, go ahead and reach out to their customer service to ask. If they are a small or family-owned company, they might actually have really strong, green practices, but they just don’t have the marketing language to reflect it on the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long do wooden swing sets last?

    You can usually count on wooden swing sets lasting 20 years or more if constructed from quality wood and supplies. Definitely look this up as you’re researching companies. They should be able to answer this question confidently and even provide information about their warranty and what exactly it covers. 

  • How difficult is it to build your own swing set?

    This depends a lot on the design and your own skill level with tools, but building a simple swing set can be a relatively straightforward weekend project. Once you have an exact shopping and cut list, you’ll have half the challenge out of the way. As you shop around for designs, definitely read the reviews to see what others say about the overall instructions. This will be your best way to get a sense of how others have done and/or questions they may have had.  

  • How do you anchor a wooden swing set?

    Most swing sets will benefit from being anchored into the ground. Every once in a while, you might come across one where this isn’t required, but if this is the case, it’s probably been specifically designed this way. Don’t assume your swing set does or does not need anchoring. Read the instructions to find out, and if it's not clear, contact the manufacturer.

    The best and easiest way to anchor a wooden swing set is usually through ground anchors. Some sets will include these, but if not, ask if you can buy them or get some from your local home improvement or hardware store. (Anchoring a play set in concrete is also an option for some.) Definitely read up on what your specific design needs, and then make sure you have all the needed supplies before you get started. This is important for the longevity of your swing set as well as for the safety of the kids playing on it. 

  • How do I clean and maintain a wooden swing set?

    This can be as involved as you want it to be. For instance, if you have a wooden swing set that has been stained, you might want to give it a new coat every few years. Or if you just have natural wood, let it go and weather as needed. If you want to give your swing set new life or a good cleaning, consider using a power washer—that's usually all you need to get the job done.

    Then here’s one last maintenance tip. If you do have something break, even if it’s a small piece, try to repair it as soon as possible. This will keep your set safe and will help it hold up year after year. 

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