Best Vegetarian Subscription Boxes

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Best Vegetarian Subscription Boxes

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As of 2018, about 5% of American adults are vegetarian. Going more plant-based is not only a great way to incorporate veggies into your diet, but it helps the environment as well. With schedules busier than ever, a vegetarian subscription box can eliminate the need for planning your plant-based meals in advance or spending hours at the grocery store or a farmer's market. A number of these subscription services provide vegetarian meal plans with customizable options, delicious recipes, and all the necessary ingredients delivered right to your door. We’ve researched the available services and narrowed our list down to the best vegetarian subscription boxes.  

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot

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Why We Chose It: Purple Carrot uses organic, non-GMO ingredients whenever possible and places an emphasis on recyclable packaging.

What We Like

  • - Delicious, plant-based meals from a changing menu with lots of options

What We Don’t Like

  • - One of the more expensive subscription services

Purple Carrot serves up some delicious, plant-based recipes from a rotating weekly menu, with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Start off by choosing a two- or four-serving plan and then pick how many meals you’d like each week. 

After that, simply choose what meals you’d like included in your box. For dinner, you can expect recipes like pan-roasted Brussels sprouts with Miso caramel and almond pilaf, or international dishes like roasted red pepper shakshuka or chickpea massaman curry. Breakfast or lunch items include mouthwatering recipes such as amaranth chocolate porridge (with mango and hazelnuts), or brown rice banh mi bowls. Add-on snacks like mushroom jerky, oat chocolate bars, and peanut butter truffles are also available.

Each meal’s calorie total, preparation time, and allergen information are clearly labeled. You can also set meal type preferences like gluten-free, high protein, or quick and easy. Breakfast meals are around $5, lunch items are about $9 and dinner meals are approximately $10 per serving. 

Best Budget: Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods

 Imperfect Foods

Why We Chose It: The mission of Imperfect Foods is to “eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.”

What We Like

  • - Affordable pricing for fresh produce
  • - Not a meal-based service

What We Don’t Like

  • - Doesn't deliver nationwide

The concept behind Imperfect Foods is a noble one: Just because produce might not be photo-worthy, doesn’t mean it needs to go to waste.

Supermarkets reject produce (plus eggs, nuts, or other products) that are different sizes, colors, or shapes (and therefore less desirable). Despite physical imperfections, the products maintain taste and quality and can be delivered to your door for a fraction of the price. 

Imperfect Foods leaves the cooking to you: There’s no pre-measured ingredients or meals that you pop in the microwave—only fresh produce and other food items. Select the number of people in your household and the type of cuisine you are interested in (vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, or everything) and choose preferences such as organic, regular, or both. Then, customize the boxes by adding “meal packs” of snacks, grains, dairy, or fruits and vegetables. 

Pricing varies depending on what options you select. A strictly organic produce box is around $24 per week with 11 to 13 pounds of produce, while a regular produce box is roughly $16. Add-on “meal packs” range from about $7 to $10. 

Best Quick Prep: Veestro



Why We Chose It:
 Veestro's meals are packed in compostable cartons trays or recyclable BPA-free plastic pouches. Insulation is made with recycled paper.

What We Like

  • - Easy, flexible plans prepared in just five minutes

What We Don’t Like

  • - Fixed menu (without changing weekly options)

Veestro’s large menu and flexible plans make healthy cooking a breeze, plus there’s very little preparation, so it’s an ideal choice for those with busy schedules. All recipes are plant-based, with two meal plan options: a la carte or weight loss. Within each plan, you can also filter options based on dietary needs (nut-free, kosher, soy-free, etc.). 

With the a la carte plan, you simply select how many meals you want (10, 20, or 30) and delivery frequency (every week, two weeks, month, or a one-time delivery at a higher cost). Then, fill the box with the meals of your choice, with dinner selections like veggie lasagna, south Indian coconut stew, tortilla chili, and country-fried “chicken.”

There's also a range of breakfast options like breakfast burritos and a three-layer scramble. Each item has customer reviews, photos, and ingredients clearly marked, and all meals are delivered frozen and ready to go—so there’s no chopping or mixing ingredients.  

With a subscription, a la carte meals range from roughly $10 to 12 per meal. 

Best Organic: Green Chef

Green Chef

 Green Chef

Why We Chose It: Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company that offsets 100% of its direct carbon emissions. In addition, the majority of the Green Chef packaging can be easily recycled.

What We Like

  • - Reasonably priced, healthy, and organic meals
  • - Some preparation required

What We Don’t Like

  • - Menu consists entirely of dinners (no breakfast or snacks)

Although not entirely a vegetarian service, Green Chef aims to provide sustainable, organic meals from local artisan suppliers.

It has three distinct plans for meat-eaters, vegetarians, or Keto and Paleo diets, so it’s very easy to shop for vegetarian-only dishes (just choose the plant-powered plan). It’s also simple to add or change menu items weekly (but you can’t pick items from other plans). 

Begin by shopping for two, four, or six people, choose recipes you’d like, then select meals from the rotating weekly options (there are usually around nine to pick from). Expect classic favorites to have a vegetarian twist like the white bean salad sandwich (instead of chicken salad), black bean and mushroom enchiladas, or creamy corn and potato chowder. All of the required ingredients and cooking instructions are included in each item, with some basic dicing and chopping required. 

Pricing ranges from around $5 to $13 per serving (depending on serving size). 

Best Light Bites: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Treehugger is aware of a Daily Harvest recall related to customers being sickened after consuming its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles menu item. We are watching the situation closely and will consider this when we re-evaluate Daily Harvest.

Why We Chose It:
Daily Harvest just rolled out an initiative to transition to entirely compostable, recyclable, and virgin plastic-free packaging.

What We Like

  • - Ability to choose every item and customize the box

What We Don’t Like

  • - Limited options for dinners
  • - More focused on supplementary foods to go with meals

If you’re looking for fresh, healthy snacking options, Daily Harvest takes a “tapas” approach to the delivery boxes, with light fare and desserts loaded with fruits and veggies (that are also gluten and dairy-free). This service is also great for people on-the-go, as most of the items can be prepared by simply heating or blending (and packaging is designed for take-out). All of the menu items are plant-based, almost entirely organic, and will arrive frozen.

The menu consists of beverages and frozen treats like smoothies, lattes, and ice cream, plus, take-away snacking options consisting of chocolates, beans, tahini, coconut, or lemon rolled together into small grab-and-go bites. Fruit and chia bowls are perfect for an easy breakfast, and for a quick lunch, try one of 11 different fresh soup options like coconut and carrot curry or butternut squash. 

If you want something heartier, pop one of the flatbreads in the oven or heat up a Harvest Bowl: a combination of lentils, rice, or grits topped off with a variety of vegetables and flavorful sauce. 

Daily Harvest is designed so that you choose the number of items and delivery frequency (weekly or monthly), then individually browse items to create your customized box. Pricing ranges from around $6 to $9. Shipping is free, and the first box is discounted.

Final Verdict

If you are interested in creative recipes with some preparation involved, Purple Carrot is our top pick. For quick, grab-and-go snacks made of fruits and veggies, Daily Harvest is an excellent source, and if you want fresh produce for a fraction of the price, check out Imperfect Foods.

Do I Have to Get a Delivery Every Week?

Most vegetarian subscription box services offer several delivery options: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Plus, you can generally pause or cancel the subscription. 

Are the Same Items/Meals Delivered Every Time? 

The majority of subscription services allow you to alter your orders each week, so you can add or subtract items you like/don’t like or new items you might want to try. In addition, many services offer a changing weekly menu to add more variety, while others have fixed options for consistency. 

What if I’m Not a Good Cook?

Many people who order subscription delivery services consider themselves sub-par cooks, and that’s part of why the services are so popular. Pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step directions can help guide you around the kitchen so you can prepare delicious, healthy meals, even with basic cooking knowledge. Plus, some delivery services offer meals that are ready to go and require very little preparation effort at all.

What if I Have Allergies?

Ingredients are clearly labeled on menu items, and common allergens (nuts, dairy, etc.) can be easily filtered out in searches when you build your box. However, for specific food allergy questions, contact the vegetarian subscription box company directly.

How We Chose the Best Vegetarian Subscription Boxes

When determining the best vegetarian subscription boxes, we considered the meal quality, pricing, service coverage area, and variety of options available to consumers. Imperfect Foods, for example, had a higher-quality of fresh produce than its main competitor, as well as a more expansive coverage area. 

We took into account customer reviews and wanted to include several types of services, ranging from meals that are ready to go, like Veestro or Daily Harvest, to boxes that included recipes and ingredients but require a little more preparation on the part of the consumer (such as Green Chef or Purple Carrot). All of the selections we chose prioritize sustainability and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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