Best Tractor Insurance Companies

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Best Tractor Insurance Companies

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Our Top Picks

Whether you use a tractor as part of a large ranch operation or for your backyard hobby farm, tractor insurance can cover you if your equipment is damaged or causes damage to someone else. More comprehensive policies are available for whole-farm coverage, but many of the best tractor insurance companies also offer policies for individual tractors, antique equipment, and smaller backyard units.

To help you select the best coverage, we rounded up the best tractor insurance companies.

Best Overall: American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance

Why We Chose It: American Family Insurance stands out because of the flexibility of coverage and user-friendly online quote builder.


- Coverage is highly customizable 

- Policies cover a wide range of tractors and farm equipment

- Customers can get a quote online or over the phone


- Only writes policies in 23 states

American Family Insurance—or AmFam—offers customers a broad range of coverage in 23 states, including tractor insurance. Policyholders can choose from a number of flexible options like the ability to select scheduled coverage for individual tractors or a blanket policy that covers all of their farm equipment under a single policy limit. Plus, AmFam offers additional farm insurance so customers can protect their livestock, structures, and other equipment. 

Tractor policies cover losses caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, smoke, theft and vandalism, and collision. Policyholders are also covered if they cause accidental bodily injury to another person or damage to personal property while using the tractor. Customers can further extend coverage to equipment breakdown, full replacement cost for tractors that are 10 years old or newer, and open perils coverage for things like rock ingestion and rodent damage to wiring.

Best for Total Farm Coverage: Nationwide



Why We Chose It: For shoppers looking for a farm-wide insurance policy that also covers tractors, Nationwide offers extensive coverage options and responsive customer support. 


- Covers everything required for farm and ranch operations

- Individual tractor or blanket equipment coverage available

- Online claim filing tool


- No online quote builder

Nationwide offers individual equipment coverage and blanket policies that cover everything up to specified policy limits. The insurer’s blanket AgriChoice policies automatically protect tractors and other equipment such as planters and sprayers. Farm office equipment and other tools and supplies are also covered.

Customers can get further coverage for damage that occurs during towing and hitching and contact with the roadbed or ground. Cab glass coverage is available with no deductible. You can also get coverage for foreign object damage, borrowed machinery, and rented tractors.

Nationwide does not offer an online quote builder, but the website makes it easy to find an agent who specializes in farm and tractor insurance. Claims can easily be reported and managed online.

Best for Lawn & Garden Tractors: The Nowell Agency, Inc.

The Nowell Agency, Inc.

The Nowell Agency, Inc.

Why We Chose It: The Nowell Agency, Inc. offers one-on-one customer support and nationwide availability.


- Agents specialize in non-farm, large lawn, and garden tractors

- One-on-one customer support

- Available nationwide


- Website has limited information on coverage

Based in Mississippi, The Nowell Agency, Inc. is an insurance agency that’s licensed to serve customers nationwide. Coverage options are focused on large lawn and garden tractors.

Unfortunately, The Nowell Agency’s website doesn’t provide much information about the exact coverage options available, but there is a chat tool. Prospective customers can call an agent or submit an online form to get support and obtain a quote.

Best for Antique Tractors: Hagerty



Why We Chose It: Hagerty is our top pick for antique and collectible tractor insurance because it specializes in unique coverage for older, restored, and fully-retired equipment.


- Specializes in insuring antique and collectible tractors

- Easy-to-use online quote building tool

- Policies are underwritten by a top AM Best insurer


- Only specific tractors are eligible

As the world’s largest specialty insurance provider for collectible vehicles, Hagerty offers antique tractor collectors a range of coverage options.

In order to qualify for coverage, tractors must be 25 years or older, fully retired, and in good condition, unless they’re being actively restored. Premiums are reportedly competitive and customers can take advantage of a multi-vehicle/tractor discount.

Qualifying owners can choose from specialized policy options, including full replacement value coverage. The company has an online quote tool. In the case of a loss, policyholders can choose their own repair shop. Hagerty can also help locate rare parts for repairs and restorations.

Best for Veterans & Active Military: USAA



Why We Chose It: USAA provides active and retired military members access to customizable coverage for standalone tractors and other equipment, plus ranch and farm insurance,


- Deductibles start at about $100 per year

- Includes full replacement cost coverage

- Policies are underwritten by Travelers


- No online quote builder

USAA is a group of insurance and financial services companies that serves current and former members of the U.S. military. Eligible customers can get tractor and farm insurance through USAA’s partnership with the top-rated insurance company Travelers.

Deductibles are available for as little as roughly $100 per year, but shoppers can get a custom quote by calling an agent. When building a policy, customers can choose from standalone tractor insurance for the equipment they own or are borrowing, renting, or leasing. 

Coverage is also available for the full replacement cost of tractors under 7 years old. The theft of tools and equipment, regardless of whether it’s being used on the insured property, can also be covered. The available perils policy covers losses due to flooding, theft, fire, overturn, collision, and other events. Other options include coverage for hobby farms, estate farms, orchards, and larger operations.

Final Verdict

Some of the best tractor insurance providers offer a range of coverage options while others specialize in antique equipment or hobby farmers. If you’re considering insurance coverage for your farm equipment or individual tractor, there’s a policy that can fit your unique needs. 

American Family Insurance excels because of its customizable policy options and the ability to insure a wide range of farm equipment. And, unlike many of the best tractor insurers, AmFam features an easy-to-use online quote builder.

Do I Need Insurance for a Tractor?

Unlike auto insurance, tractor insurance is not required by states. However, if you plan to finance a tractor, your lender will likely require you to insure the equipment until the loan is paid off. Beyond required coverage, tractor insurance can protect against the financial consequences of damage and theft. Insurance can also help you pay for third-party liability claims stemming from a collision or other damage caused by your equipment. 

Keep in mind, however, that your tractor may be covered under your homeowners' policy while it’s on your property and is being used for farm use or maintenance. Contact your current agent to find out whether your tractor is already covered for certain losses. 

What Does Tractor Insurance Cover?

The coverage provided by tractor insurance depends on the policy. In general, though, tractor insurance covers the costs associated with repairing or replacing a tractor if it is damaged. Tractor insurance can also provide a safety net if your tractor causes damage to property or injures someone. Many of the top providers offer scheduled coverage for individual tractors and blanket coverage for multiple tractors and other equipment. 

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Tractor?

Tractor insurance typically costs on average about $5,000 to $12,000 per year. However, this amount depends on several factors, including the policy deductible. The cost of tractor insurance may also vary based on whether it’s covered as part of a broader farm policy and whether you insure tractors individually or under an umbrella equipment policy. 


We considered 15 tractor insurance providers based on the availability of tractor-specific policies, the breadth of coverage options, and cost. And, to help Treehugger readers have a positive experience with each provider, we also looked at customer reviews, AM Best financial strength ratings, and whether an online quote builder is available.