The 7 Best Sustainable Yoga Props for 2022

Limber up for yoga with these ethical accessories

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To level-up your home yoga practice, you might want to add some accessories that help you glide through postures with ease. Besides a yoga mat, a belt/strap and a brick are two standard picks to enliven your yoga routine and you can include a few more props to the mix. Depending on your yoga style and intensity of practice, these doodads will have you stretch and release in perfect alignment.

Our selection of yoga accessories includes an Earth-friendly yoga block, towel, belt, bolster, blanket, roller, and a meditation cushion to round it off. We have chosen props which tick the right boxes in their respective categories while being gentle on Earth. So, take a deep breath, hunker down and let yoga melt away your stress and worry, one gentle pose at a time.

Ahead, our top picks for the best sustainable yoga props.

The Rundown
We love that you can order this vegan block with a personalized message that will never wear off.
Manduka’s eye-catching eco-friendly yoga towels are made from recycled plastic bottles.
Rawganique’s yoga belts are made from organic biodegradable hemp sourced from Europe.
Carolina Morning’s bolsters are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, meaning they contain a minimum of 70% organic fibers.
We won’t blame you if you snuggle up in Yogamatter’s soft GOTS-certified organic cotton blanket.
Knead away all your aches and pains with Rawlogy’s lightweight, yet extra firm cork massage roller.
Best Meditation Cushion:
Love My Mat Modern Zafu at
The cover is made from repurposed deadstock, while the sealed inner cushion is stuffed with Canadian buckwheat hulls.

Best Cork Block: Yoloha Personalized Cork Yoga Block

Yoloha Personalized Yoga Block

Balance is everything in yoga. Yoloha’s antimicrobial cork yoga block offers stability and support, so you can flow into poses easily and hold them without wobbling. The rounded edges give a comfortable grip. Even when wet, this natural Mediterranean-sourced cork surface doesn’t become slippery, especially if your palms get really sweaty during yoga.

Vegan and plastic free, we love that you can order it with a personalized pep-up message that will never wear off. What’s more, if it doesn’t fit in your practice, within 60 days you can return it and get a full refund or exchange the block.

Best Yoga Towel: Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel

Manduka Yogitoes Towel

Designed by yogis, Manduka’s wide universe of yoga apparel and gear includes eye-popping eco-friendly towels made from recycled plastic bottles. Each towel is made from at least four discarded plastic bottles that would have found themselves in a landfill or ocean.

Converted into 50 percent poly yarn through an energy saving process, the towels are dyed using colors free from Azo dyes (which some people are allergic to), heavy metals, and lead. These towels are also anti-slip and great for hot yoga, thanks to their patented "skidless" technology. Silicone nubs on the towel’s underside give it a grippy hold when you’re maneuvering through tricky poses.

Available in several lengths, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the sublime designs. Our personal favorites are the mind-bending Yindala Odyssey, Star Dye Clear Blue, Lily Pad Coral, and Ocean Swell Midnight.

Best Belt: Rawganique Hemp Yoga Strap

Rawganique Hemp Yoga Strap

Rawganique’s 6- and 8-foot long yoga belts are made from organic biodegradable hemp sourced from Europe. Emerging as a popular alternative to conventional cotton, hemp fiber comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which requires less water to grow and minimal pesticides.

Durable and lightweight, the hemp belt is affixed with strong buckles, keeping you in repose when you’re deep in a bind. Intensify challenging poses by supporting your joints and muscles with the belt. Inspired by colors of the earth, its dreamy palette comes in shades of natural, black, forest green, indigo, and earth brown.

Best Bolster: Carolina Morning Yoga Bolster

Carolina Morning Yoga Bolster

Since 1984, this North Carolina-based boutique business has been helping people create peaceful sanctuaries at home with traditional-styled and mindfully designed meditation cushions, yoga accessories, bedding and furniture. Carolina Morning’s bolsters are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, meaning that they contain a minimum of 70 percent organic fibers, and are USDA organic certified, implying that the product has 95 percent or more organic content.

You can pick either their cylindrical (27 x 9 inches) or rectangular bolsters (25 x 12 x 9 inches), depending on what suits your practice. The bolsters are available in fun solid colors such as pumpkin, moss, indigo, and pecan. Weighing 4.75 pounds, they’re stuffed with organic cotton twill, and are the best dead weights for your relaxation poses.

Best Blanket: Yogamatters Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket

Yogamatters Organic Cotton Yoga Blanket

We won’t blame you if you snuggle up in Yogamatter’s soft, airy and cuddlesome GOTS-certified organic cotton blanket off the yoga mat. Wonderfully detailed, the India-made blankets have a wee lotus embroidered in a corner and edges that are beautifully hemmed in with a blanket stitch. They come in lovely powdery pastels such as Grey Ice, Eucalyptus, Peony, Natural, and Wisteria.

These wraps have gone through a brushing process resulting in incredible plushness, but also the occasional shedding, which reduces with a few rounds of machine washing. Fold it up to support your shoulders during sarvangasana (shoulder stand), wrap it around yourself during shavasana (corpse pose) or plump it into a pillow and take a well-deserved post yoga snooze.

Best Roller: Rawlogy Compact Cork Massage Roller

Rawlogy Compact Cork Massage Roller

Knead away all your aches and pains with Rawlogy’s lightweight, yet extra-firm and mobile cork massage roller. Started by athlete Marek Bowers, Rawlogy’s philosophy hinges on ethically sourcing renewable resources to create simple tools for self care. A perfect example is the cork roller. Its compact size (3.75 x 12 inches) makes it ideal to use on a single arm or leg at a time.

Portable (it’s less than 2 pounds), you can tuck it into your bag when you set off for your next yoga retreat. It is made from renewable Portuguese cork sourced from FSC-certified forests, meaning the forests are responsibly managed. Antimicrobial and free from harsh chemicals, the roller gives you a deep-tissue massage in the safest possible way.

Best Meditation Cushion: Love My Mat Modern Zafu

Love My Mat Modern Zafu

Behind the eco-conscious Ontario-based yoga props company Love My Mat is mother-daughter duo, Kathy and Shelley. Love My Mat handcrafts yoga and meditation accessories, including bolsters, bags, and zafu meditation cushions. Our pick is their stylish Modern Zafu cushion for meditation.

A cushy 7 pounds, the cover has a convenient handle for you to move it about. The zafu has a respectable height (13.5 x 6.5 inches) for you to plop down on and sit comfortably cross-legged, tuning in to your inner Zen. The removable, machine-washable cover case is made from repurposed deadstock and is fitted with an unbleached cotton liner. The sealed inner cushion is stuffed with locally-sourced buckwheat hulls. Though pricey, this plump cushion creates a cocoon of comfort in your home.

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