The 7 Best Reusable Utensils of 2023

Our top choice is Bewbow's bamboo cutlery set.

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Snow Peak

In the United States alone, more than 100 million plastic utensils are used every single day, meaning that we throw away billions of plasticware every year. Like all plastic items, throwaway cutlery can take centuries to break down and can even sit in landfills for thousands of years. Cutlery is also the seventh most common item found during beach cleanups, and the Ocean Conservancy considers plasticware one of the “most deadly” items for marine animals, sea turtles, and birds. In 2015, Americans placed almost two billion delivery orders, many of them containing single-use forks, knives, and spoons, yet we continue to consume plasticware at an astronomical rate.

To combat this problem, numerous companies have created reusable utensils made from bamboo, steel, and other eco-friendly materials that are great for hiking, camping, backpacking, and everyday use. Of course, sets like these don't necessarily solve the problem, and it's often better to simply start carting around the metal cutlery you already own. However, if a spork and knife neatly packaged in a carrying case can get you to stop using disposables, it's a step in the right direction. Another perk? Most sets are TSA-approved and great to have with you all the time. Just stow in your bag, and you're good to go for picnics, takeout, and flights.

Here are the best reusable utensils for travel and every day.

Best Overall

Bewbow Bamboo Utensils Cutlery Set

Bamboo utensils


You’ll never need to pick up plastic utensils again with this affordable set from Bewbow. It has everything you need while still being lightweight, making it our top overall choice. The set includes a serrated knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, a straw, a cleaning brush, and even an activated charcoal toothbrush, all wrapped up in an easy-to-transport canvas travel pouch.

The bamboo set is made from 100% untreated bamboo that's cultivated without pesticides or fertilizers. All of the utensils are completely BPA-free and recyclable. For easy cleaning, simply wash food residue off with water and set the utensils out to air dry.

If you prefer an alternative to Amazon, a very similar set (sans toothbrush) is available from the Free the Ocean shop.

Price at time of publish: $12

Best Compact

To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensils

Utensil kit


Lauded by fans for being compact, lightweight, and convenient, this set includes chopsticks and a fork, knife, and spoon. Because of its small size, it’s great to store in purses and backpacks for outdoor pursuits, office lunches, and quick to-go meals.

The carabiner on the pack of the carrying case allows you to clip the set to a backpack or purse for easy transportation. The bamboo utensils are also stain- and heat-resistant, and the case is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. Pro tip: While the utensils are dishwasher safe, try to wash them by hand when possible, as they will last longer this way.

Price at time of publish: $20

Best Folding

Me Mother Earth Stainless Steel Foldable Cutlery Set

me mother earth folding utensils


This handy, affordable spork and spoon set is made of food-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The utensils collapse to fit easily into the washable travel pouch and are great for on-the-go activities. The company also has a foldable straw and spork kit which include collapsible straw cleaning brushes, silicone straw tips, and a keychain for easy transport.

The couple that owns this shop strives to eliminate single-use plastics, so products are packaged minimally, and a portion of each sale even goes to ocean conservation and other environmental organizations.

Price at time of publish: $10

Best Spork

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Snow peak Spork


Want to simplify things and not have to carry around multiple utensils? Then the reusable spork—the spoon and fork combination—from Snow Peak is what you need. Made from Japanese titanium, this spork should last you for ages.

Titanium does not corrode and has no metallic flavor, which makes it great for utensils and the backpacker lifestyle. Snow Peak’s sporks come in multiple color options and have a sandblasted finish for a beautiful look and feel. Bonus points for Snow Peak’s commitment to having a positive impact on the planet and creating a product meant to be reused for years.

Price at time of publish: $10

Best Metal

Conscious Cutlery Plastic Sucks Travel Cutlery Set


Conscious Cutlery

More durable and longer-lasting than bamboo, metal reusables tend to be a great investment that will last years, and this set from Conscious Cutlery is one of our favorites. It comes with a stainless steel fork, spoon, knife, straw, straw cleaner, and a set of chopsticks that all fit in a hemp/cotton blend pouch.

The set is small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, or glove box, and the “Plastic Sucks” mantra on the carrying case lets everyone know you’re doing your part for the environment. You can feel even better about this purchase knowing that part of it goes toward the company’s commitment to 1% for the Planet and benefits nonprofits aiding in ocean cleanups, environmentalism, and bee conservation.

Price at time of publish: $20

Best Chopsticks

Hiware Fiberglass Chopsticks



In China alone, more than 20 million trees are used each year to produce roughly 80 billion pairs of disposable, wooden chopsticks. But why buy throwaway chopsticks when you can have stylish, reusable options?

These fiberglass chopsticks from Hiware are made from heat-resistant (up to 356 degrees) fiberglass and are BPA-free with no paint or coating. The frosted, non-slip ends also provide grip, so food doesn’t slide right through the chopsticks, and the beautiful cherry blossom pattern creates a sophisticated look. Just toss them in the dishwasher after each use, and they’re good to go for your next sushi session.

Price at time of publish: $9

Best Straw

FinalStraw Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw

Final Straw

Courtesy of Final

Americans use around 500 million plastic straws each day. To put that into perspective, 500 million straws would fill over 125 school buses every day, or 46,400 school buses every year. Plastic straws also contribute to the 8 million tons of plastic that end up in our oceans every year. Make the switch to reusable straws with FinalStraw, which is made from stainless steel and available in silver, gold, or rainbow colors.

The 9-inch long straw comes with a cleaning brush, and both fit perfectly in the small carrying case made from post-consumer recycled plastic. The company strives to create fun and functional alternatives to single-use plastics, and since launching in 2018, FinalStraw has prevented around 300 million single-use straws from entering the environment.

Price at time of publish: $20

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a utensil kit to add to your everyday bag, our top choice is the Bewbow Bamboo Utensils Cutlery Set, for its range of items and affordable price. If you’d prefer metal utensils, consider the Plastic Sucks Travel Cutlery Set.

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