The 7 Best Reusable Razors of 2021

An eco-conscious shave is at your fingertips with these plastic-free razors.

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People everywhere are changing their usual bathroom routine by saying goodbye to plastic razors that quickly dull, rust, or easily break and making the switch to reusable razors. Also known as safety razors, these traditional metal razors allow for a closer shave with less irritation than plastic razors. Made from durable, metals (like stainless steel), safety razors are built to last and will save consumers money in the long run.

In addition, replacement blades on a safety razors are inexpensive and recyclable, and many manufacturers even offer blade-recycling programs helping to get one step closer to a zero-waste lifestyle. A large variety of reusable safety razors are available, some with sleek, modern designs and others with advanced features like pivoting razor heads or multiple blade options.

After careful research, here are the best reusable razors.

The Rundown
This razor has added features and pivoting head ensure a close, smooth shave.
A quality German-made razor at a fraction of the cost.
Everything you need if you’re just getting started with safety razors.
This single-edge razor is less likely to clog than multiple-blade designs and can help to reduce irritation.
This stylish and affordable rose gold razor is perfect for anyone seeking a razor with a more feminine style.
A handcrafted, artisan razor that delivers a close shave.
Attention to detail, sturdy construction, and premium blades make this worth the investment.

Best Overall: Leaf Shave Plastic Free Razor

Leaf Shave Plastic Free Razor

The Leaf is a solid overall choice thanks to a sleek, all-metal design and several thoughtful options that ensure a smooth, efficient shave. First, there’s the pivoting head that allows the razor to get even closer in hard-to-reach curves and angles. Then, there’s the ability to load up to three blades at a time depending on the type of shave you’re looking for.

Lastly, it includes 20 replacement blades that are easily loaded into the razor head. To easily recycle the blades, Leaf offers a blade takeback program by simply returning them in a durable tin. The razor even comes packaged in plastic-free materials, plus Leaf Shave offsets its carbon footprint and financially supports The Adaptation Fund, a non-profit climate action fund.

Good to Know

Safety razors take a little getting used to, and since they’re weighted, you don’t need to apply pressure like you would with a throw-away plastic razor. After use, you’ll want to scrub the reusable razor head with a toothbrush or other small brush to remove any debris. 

Best Budget: Merkur 23 Long Handled Mens Safety Razor

Merkur 23 Long Handled Mens Safety Razor

If you’re interested in trying out a razor but don’t want to splurge on one of the more expensive options, the Merkur 23 is a quality choice for a fraction of the price. The razor has a long handle — making it ideal for anyone with larger hands — and also comes with a slip-resistant grip.

Merkur is a well-established, Germany razor company with manufacturing roots that date back more than 120 years. The double-edge safety razor has a large blade gap to allow soap to flow through, preventing build up and ensuring a close shave. The razor is made of zinc die-casting for the head, brass for the handle, and finished with chrome.

Best Shaving Set: Well Kept Safety Razor Kit Cream

Well Kept Safety Razor Kit Cream

If you’re just getting started with safety razors, The Detox Market’s Safety Razor Kit has everything you need to make the transition from plastic razors. The kit includes a solid brass safety razor with a recyclable single blade and five replacement blades — all packed in recyclable materials.

The razor is designed with a weighted handle so you can shave without having to apply pressure (which can help to avoid irritation). There’s also shave oil consisting of premium ingredients like rosemary, argan oil, almond oil, and vitamin E to nourish the skin, and an exfoliating cloth made of agave fibers to help remove debris.

Best for Beards: Supply The Single Edge 2.0

Supply The Single Edge 2.0

The Supply Single 2.0 razor sets itself apart in its innovative, sleek design that consists of a thick handle that’s made of solid stainless steel, but it also creates a smooth, close shave. The single-edge razor is less likely to clog than multiple-blade designs and can help to reduce irritation.

In fact, the inventors of the Supply razor were selected on the TV show, Shark Tank, after impressing the judges with their unique, effective product. The razor comes in a variety of finishes such as matte copper, carbon, mirror polish, stainless, and classic matte. It has three shave settings, and comes with one injector pack to help you load blades easily and eight blades (about a three-month supply).

Best for Women: Eco Roots Rose Gold Safety Razor

Eco Roots Rose Gold Safety Razor

Although much of the marketing around safety razors is geared toward men, the Rose Gold Safety Razor from Eco Roots has a stylish pink-gold design made with women in mind. The razor is ergonomically designed and lightweight for a comfortable grip, is made from zinc alloy and stainless steel, and finished to protect from corrosion.

The Eco Root's razor is also significantly more affordable than some of the other options, making it a great transition razor for someone who's thinking of switching from plastic. It is delivered in a recyclable paperboard box and includes five stainless steel blades that are easy to load. Eco Roots donates a percentage of each sale to the Ocean Conservancy.

Best Handmade: Imperium Shaving Zero Waste Double Edge Safety Razor for Traditional Wet Shaving

Imperium Shaving Zero Waste Double Edge Safety Razor for Traditional Wet Shaving

If you’re interested in a unique, artisan safety razor, the Zero Waste Double Edge Safety razor by Imperium Shaving is a beautiful and efficient shaver. Blades for this artisan razor are sold separately and can be purchased through Imperial Shaving.

Handcrafted in Baltimore, Maryland, from FSC-certified sustainable woods, the handle of the razor is made from rose wood, a durable, dark grain wood that resembles flames. The chrome fittings are coated with Cirlex (a type of laminate that doesn't require adhesive) for water resistance and to give it a shine. The razor arrives in a charming, recyclable gift box.

Best Splurge: OneBlade Genesis Razor

OneBlade Genesis Razor

Dubbed the “Rolex of razors” the Genesis by One Blade Shave is a real splurge on a long-term luxury razor, and it's the most expensive razor on this list. Manufactured with a high-quality open handle design and meticulously tested, each Genesis razor is constructed from premium, German stainless steel and individually numbered and hand polished.

The single edge razors come in four precious metal finishes: Gunmetal, silver, 18 carat rose gold, or 24 carat gold (but be warned: the gold versions cost nearly a grand). The Genesis is compatible with the Japanese Feather blades, a high-end stainless-steel blade.

Final Verdict

For a moderately-priced, effective razor, the Leaf (view at The Grove) is our top choice overall thanks to its added features and intuitive design. If you want to test out a safety razor without spending too much, go with the Merkur 23 (view at Walmart) for a quality budget option. For a full shaving experience, try the Well Kept Shaving Kit (view at The Detox Market).

Recycling Razor Blades

If you are searching for a place to recycle your razor blades, Gillette has partnered with TerraCycle to offer a razor recycling program for any razors (not just those from Gillette). Just request a collection bin, print a shipping label and send them off to TerraCycle.

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