The 7 Best Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

Our top pick is Marley’s Monsters 100% Organic Cotton Facial Rounds.

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Giving your skincare routine a green makeover can feel like an overwhelming task. But investing in reusable makeup wipes or cotton rounds is a simple swap that requires little effort but will pay back an enormous amount of environmental impact.

Once used, they can be thrown into the laundry and washed as part of your normal laundry schedule—we recommend popping them into a mesh laundry bag to help keep track of them. You can continue to use them again, and again, and again. Not only will you reduce your impact on landfill, but you’ll likely save some cash in the process. 

We’ve scoured the internet and store shelves to bring you the best reusable makeup remover wipes and organic cotton rounds.

Best Overall

Marley's Monsters 100% Organic Cotton Facial Rounds

Package Free Organic Cotton Facial Rounds

 Package Free

These 3-inch rounds are made with a double layer of organic cotton flannel, for a soft but absorbent reusable makeup wipe. They’re sold in a pack of 20, which comes bundled in just a recyclable paper wrap label, making them our top overall choice. They are available in either a natural cotton color or in white. 

Twenty wipes is usually plenty to last for two weeks, so you’ll have time to wash used wipes before you run out of clean ones. They are machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low setting. The cloth is fully compostable, just remove the polyester thread, which can also be recycled with textile recycling or through TerraCycle. 

Price at time of publish: $20

Best Budget

Greenzla Reusable Cotton Pads

Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads


From a brand that avoids synthetic and chemical-heavy materials, these sustainably-sourced, organic bamboo cotton rounds prove that eco-friendly living doesn’t have to be expensive. Affordable in price, they’re also fully biodegradable, so can be composted when they’ve come to the end of their life — which shouldn’t be for many years. 

Twenty fully-reusable pads arrive in a recyclable storage case, meaning you’ve got enough to keep you going for a few weeks, and making these the perfect sustainable alternative to single-use options. What’s more, clear washing instructions ensure that these rounds remain as sparkly white as the day they were delivered.

Price at time of publish: $16

Best Cloth

Pai The Aileron Cloths Exfoliating Face Cloths

Pai Skincare Exfoliating Organic Muslin Cloths

Pai Skincare

If a cloth is an indispensable part of your skincare routine but you’re committed to sustainability, then The Aileron cloths might be the pick for you. There’s a reason these cloths from sustainable skincare pioneers Pai are bestsellers. Made from organic, double-layered muslin (spun from non-genetically modified organic cotton grown in India), these face cloths are eco-friendly in more ways than one. 

Use dry or wet to gently exfoliate your face and slough away dead skin and throw them in the laundry for reuse. The best bit about Pai is the fact that’ve been certified by Cruelty Free International and Cosmos (The Soil Association) to confirm their products are 100% ethical, organic, and free from animal testing. Purchasing these cloths means your conscience will be left feeling as radiant as your skin.

Price at time of publish: $18

Best Rounds

Jenny Patinkin Organic Bamboo Reusable Cosmetic Rounds

Pure Luxury Organic Reusable Rounds

Credo Beauty

We’d never realized quite how luxurious reusable rounds could be until we discovered this elegant set from Jenny Patinkin. Comprising a pink, snakeskin-effect vegan leather carry case, laundry bag, and 14 rounds made from carbon-neutral bamboo, this set is perhaps the most gorgeous introduction to sustainable skincare we’ve seen. 

This brand has sustainability at its heart. It aims for its products to be reusable keepsakes rather than single-use disposables. These organic bamboo rounds have a luxury terrycloth surface that can be combined with makeup remover or just water to gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and cleansed. This set looks would make a beautiful gift, but don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to keep it for yourself — we won’t judge!

Price at time of publish: $38

Best Towel

Juice Beauty Eco Cleansing Cloth

Juice Beauty Cleansing Cloth

Juice Beauty

Experience the opulence of a spa day in the comfort of your own home with this set of three cleansing cloths, from organic and luxury wellness brand Juice Beauty. Sustainable, bamboo fibers are combined with organic cotton to create a plush and extremely soft face towel that’ll gently remove dirt and makeup from your skin. 

All-natural fibers can be relied upon in these cloths, which are fully organic and cruelty-free. For a luxury bath time experience every morning and evening, combine these with your favorite cleanser (or just with water to simplify your beauty routine) and apply to your skin to gently exfoliate away the day.

Price at time of publish: $10

Best for Sensitive Skin

Snow Fox Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pads

Snow Fox Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pads

Snow Fox

These biodegradable organic cotton/bamboo blend rounds save an astonishing 8,987 gallons of water compared with conventional cotton pads and will replace a staggering 160 packs of disposable makeup wipes.

Anti-bacterial and fast-drying bamboo is blended with organic cotton to craft these durable rounds. They use a double-layer of fluffy terry cloth that’s soft but not too absorbent, so it won’t drink up all your toner or makeup remover. The Snow Fox brand was developed with sensitive skin at its core, so you can rest assured that these rounds will be gentle on your face.

Price at time of publish: $18

Best for Toner

The Detox Market Reusable Rounds

The Detox Market Reusable Rounds

The Detox Market

A 70% bamboo and 30% organic blend is to thank for the softness of these reusable rounds. Labelled with every day of the week, they’re the perfect addition to your daily routine. A clever pocket design allows you to put your fingers into the back of the pad, giving you extra control when using them to apply toner or even to remove makeup. 

Fully machine washable, these should last you well into the future. An added bonus is that the brand, which is committed to cruelty-free products that are safe for your body, plants a tree for every sale of these rounds.

Price at time of publish: $18

Final Verdict

Our overall top pick for reusable cotton rounds are Marley’s Monsters 100% Organic Cotton Facial Rounds, for their sustainability and function. If you’re looking to add a little more luxury to your low-waste beauty routine, check out Jenny Patinkin’s set of organic reusable makeup rounds

What to Consider When Buying Reusable Makeup Remover Rounds


Our preferred fabric for reusable rounds is organic cotton, look for options that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Bamboo is also a good choice, and even a reusable round made from conventional cotton is still a more sustainable than disposable wipes and single-use pads. However, we don't recommend microfiber, because of the role it can play in microplastic pollution.


To keep your makeup remover pads sanitary, it's a good idea to wash them after each use. You may find it to be no big deal to give your rounds a quick hand wash, but if you want to use the laundry machine, check that the manufacturer says the product can go in the washer and dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the environmental impact of disposable makeup wipes?

    Single-use makeup wipes might feel like a bathroom essential, they really should be at the very top of your list of environmental no-nos. Packed with non-biodegradable plastic fibers, they’re a source of ocean pollution. Even if they make it to landfill, they may sit for decades and never fully degrade back into organic material. 

    Their environmental impact doesn’t end there. If wipes are flushed down the toilet; they can lead to sewer blockages or can end up being released into sensitive eco-systems if there are sewage overflows.

  • Are cotton balls bad for the environment?

    It’s not just makeup wipes that deserve being consigned to the skincare routine dumpster of history. Conventional cotton balls have a sizable negative environmental impact, too. Cotton is a thirsty crop, and heavy insecticide and synthetic fertilizer use in the conventional cotton manufacturing process is also an issue. These chemicals can leach into water systems, affecting the people and animals who rely upon these sources. That's a big impact for a product that you'll use once and then throw away.

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