The Best Places to Buy Ethical Bedding

Invest in the quality of your sleep with these ethical brands.

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Much like fast fashion, the global textile industry that produces our bedding is rife with unsustainable and unethical practices from pollution to poor labor practices. But the good news is that in recent years, a growing number of brands are tackling these issues head-on, offering ethically-minding folks a better choice. 

Whether you’re looking to replace your duvet cover, sheets or comforter, it’s possible to find bedding organic fabrics made in Fair Trade facilities.  We’ve picked brands whose ethical credentials standout and whose innovative, eco-friendly bedding will also give you restful slumber, while being gentle to people and the planet.

So, check out these ethical bedding brands that are worth the splurge.

Coyuchi Bedding

Coyuchi bedding

Courtesy of Coyuchi

Coyuchi (Oaxacan for naturally colored brown cotton) was founded nearly three decades ago in the rustic coastal town Point Reyes in Northern California. Its roots are deeply entwined in nature, and it’s committed to sustainability, ethical production, and minimal processing of natural fibers.

Coyuchi uses Fair Trade and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. The products are Made Safe certified, indicating they’re safe for humans, animals, and the ecosystem. The latex used in Coyuchi's mattresses is Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified, and the wool is Climate Beneficial certified.

The company's circular textile program 2nd Home Take Back and Renewed programs take back old linen to mend and resell at a discount in its Point Reyes shop and online. Fiber from items that can't be repaired are recycled and used in new products. Coyuchi has also partnered with organizations in areas of environmental impact, regenerative agriculture, and sustainable farming.

Avocado Mattresses

Avocado Vegan Mattress

Courtesy of Avocado

Avocado is best known for its mattresses, which boast an impressive array of third party sustainability certifications. The list includes GOTS, GOLS, Made Safe, and Certified Carbon Neutral. It's is a Certified B Corp, which won a "Best For the World" honor from the organization in 2022. Avocado's products top Treehugger's list of Best Mattress Toppers and Best Crib Mattresses. The mattresses are made in Los Angeles, and the company ins also a member of 1% for The Planet.

In addition to mattresses, the company also sells organic sheets, pillows, beds, and pajamas. The company has about a dozen retail showrooms, or you can schedule a video call with an Avocado team member, who can answer any questions you have about the company's products.

Boll & Branch Bedding

Boll and Branch Bed

Courtesy of Boll and Branch

Boll & Branch is a tribute to cotton, the fiber which anchors the brand. Boll refers to the case protecting the soft and fuzzy cotton fiber and seed, and is an extension of the branch on which it grows. Scott and Missy Tannen started this bedding company in 2014 with the intention of supporting marginalized organic cotton farmers.

What we love is the company's complete transparency. Boll & Branch brings out a detailed impact report, listing their rigorous certifications and sustainable practices. In 2018, the company purchased 2.8 million pounds of Fair Trade ginned organic cotton, and set off 8.4 metric tonnes of carbon emissions and paid nearly $77,000 in extra premiums to farmers.

Ettitude Bedding

Ettitude sheets

Courtesy of Ettitude

Bamboo fabrics are emerging as a popular sustainable bedding fabric choice, but not all are created equally. To create bamboo viscose and modal, the grass goes through an intense chemical processes. But Ettitude’s bamboo lyocell fabric is made from 100% organic bamboo and uses a safer solvent and a closed-loop, water-saving process.

The result is a silky fiber that’s hypoallergenic, strong, and temperature regulating. All of the company's products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and are PETA-approved vegan. You can buy bedding separates or bundles, some which are charcoal infused too, which promise to will keep your hair frizz free, your skin soft, and you snug as a bug at night.

Bearaby Weighted Blankets

Bearaby weighted blanket

Courtesy of West Elm

Bearaby was founded by Kathrin Hamm, who tossed and turned for many a sleepless night due to her hectic travel schedule, was unable to find a suitable eco-friendly weighted blanket for herself. So, she made one herself. Bearaby’s quirky aesthetic, vibrant colors, and chunky weighted knit blanket the Napper has won the bedding company legions of fans.

The Napper is free from artificial fillings, and is made by hand using a yarn that's a blend of Tencel, organic cotton, and a small portion of spandex. Many people find weighted blankets to be calming and help them sleep more soundly at night.

For every Napper purchased, Bearaby donates to charity One Tree Planted and it also contributes to The National Alliance on Mental Illness. Swaddle yourself in a bearlike blanket, which start at 15 pounds and go up to 25 pounds.

Buffy Bedding

Buffy Bedding

Courtesy of Amazon

Buffy was founded by entrepreneur Leo Wang, whose family has been in the bedding business for decades. The bedding company's whimsical sounding comforters, Breeze and Cloud, have been described with epithets such as "marshmallow" and "whipped cream."

Buffy uses sustainably-grown fibers such as hemp and eucalyptus and recycled fluff from BPA-free, PET plastic water bottles. The company makes hemp bedding too. Buffy offsets CO2 emissions of shipments from the factory to the customer, and is planning to roll out a take back program.

Sol Organics Bedding

Sol organics sheets

Courtesy of Sol Organics

In 2010, two friends Vishal Naithani and Sachin Chauhan created Sol Organics with the purpose of building a brand with ethical integrity. Making organic bedding affordable, bringing equality to all those they employed, and working with a community committed to this cause was a priority.

Sol Organics' bedding is certified by GOTS, Oeko Tex, and Fair Trade. Pick from your choice of fabric for bedding across categories—silky soft sateen, crisp and matte percale, breathable and durable European certified linen, or soft and cozy flannel.

Nest Bedding

Nest comforter

Courtesy of Nest Bedding

A family-owned mattress and bedding company; Nest Bedding is a hub that produces everything you need for a good night of sleep in a sustainable way.

Pick among a catalogue products that use natural Oeko-Tex Standard 100 latex, CertiPUR-US certified foam, and GOTS certified Fair Trade cotton, and eco-friendly Tencel. Nest offers luxury organic sheets, breathable pillows, regular and weighted blankets, and natural and organic latex mattresses.

Cozy Earth Bedding

Silk comforter

Courtesy of Cozy Earth

Minimalistic, durable, and soft luxury bedding, Cozy Earth focusses on bamboo fiber bedding. Founder Tyler Howell’s fluency in Mandarin and familiarity with China’s work culture led him to start Cozy Earth. He selected partners in China who shared their ethical values, sourcing the grass from family farms. Although Cozy Earth does not currently list any third-part certifications, a spokesperson from the company told Treehugger that the bamboo farms meet USDA Organic standards.

Cozy Earth’s bamboo bedding is moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and chemical free. The company also uses long-strand mulberry silk fillings for comforters and pillows, and also offers pajamas and lounge wear.

Bhumi Bedding

Bhumi Bedding


As Vinita Baravkar traveled through India and Bangladesh for work in public health, she was disturbed by the widespread distress in the agrarian regions caused by the cultivation of conventional cotton. After researching the best global practices, she and entrepreneur Dushyant Baravkar co-founded Bhumi Organic Cotton (meaning ‘Mother Earth’), a brand whose luxury ethos is deeply entwined in its seed to shelf journey.

This Australian brand sources GOTS-certified and Fair Trade organic cotton from India, works with ethical Fair Trade factories, and uses no chlorine bleach, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. Their best sellers include sheet sets, throws, blankets, and quilts in soft, earthy colors.

What to Look for When Shopping for Ethical Bedding

Start from the basics, the mattress. Some conventional mattresses use materials that can emit VOC and can be made of synthetic fibers. Thus, choose mattresses certified by standards such as GOTS, meaning the textiles are made from organic fibers, GOLS, which guarantees latex products are made with minimum chemical inputs, Oeko-Tex, which means products are completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use, and CertiPUR-US, meaning the flexible polyurethane foam meets standards for content, emissions, and durability.

Pick sheets made from organic fibers, such as organic certified cotton, linen, or hemp. We like natural fibers that don’t use chemical treatments, require less water while growing, and are manufactured usually according to strict environmental standards. Look for certifications such as GOTS and Ecocert, indicating that sustainable practices have been followed in the production.

For pillows and comforters, a combination of the the aforementioned certifications, depending on the outer shell and filling used can be followed. 

Why Trust Treehugger?

Treehugger reporters and editors have spent hundreds of hours researching the bedding industry and testing sustainable products over the past decade. To make this list, we tapped into that deep well of knowledge, and selected brands that consistently top our roundups of the best products, from mattresses to sheets. We consider things like sourcing, third party certifications, and programs that give back to communities.

Author Neeti Mehra is a luxury-industry veteran who’s also committed to sustainable, slow, and mindful living.