The 6 Best Pest Control Services of 2022

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Best Pest Control Services

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Finding a pest control service can be tough. Choosing one that prioritizes safe and environmentally friendly products is even harder. Whether it's the seasons changing, an office infestation, or if you're having general apartment issues, residential and commercial pest control companies can treat the affected area, so that your pest problem isn't permanent.

From fleas and wildlife to mosquitoes and reptiles, here are the best pest control services to help you sterilize your property.

The 6 Best Pest Control Services

Best Overall: Rentokil



Rentokil owns seven pest control services—including Ehrlich, Anderson Pest Solutions, Oliver Exterminating, Presto-X, and Western Exterminator—enabling the company to provide broad coverage across most of the U.S. in addition to Mexico and Canada. Beyond basic residential and commercial pest control services, Rentokil also offers PestConnect, which uses the internet to monitor, detect, and control rodents in and around commercial properties.

Like most pest control services, pricing is project-specific but you can contact Rentokil for a quote via phone or online contact form. Start by entering your zip code and Rentokil will connect you with a local provider.

Then, enter details about your needs, and a rep will contact you to discuss your pest problem and provide a quote and recommendations. Rentokil also offers some helpful online resources to guide you through typical pest control pricing and what you can expect throughout the process.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: Ultimately, we chose Rentokil as our top choice because it offers safe and environmentally-friendly products and methods to a huge service area. Each of Rentokil’s providers is Green Pro Certified due to their more targeted approach to pest control and dedication to organic, environmentally friendly techniques.

Best Residential: Orkin



Orkin is a nationwide pest control company that provides services to residential and commercial clients in about 47 states.

Local technicians can treat a wide range of pests—from ants and roaches to mice and scorpions—but Orkin specializes in services like carpenter ant, bedbug, and flea treatment, as well as mosquito and termite control. Residential customers also get access to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re ready to get started with Orkin, you can get a free quote online or by calling your local office. A technician will then schedule an inspection to assess your exact needs, create a pest management plan, and provide a detailed quote. Plus, if you call a local office before 2 p.m., a technician may even be able to provide same-day service.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: We chose Orkin as our top residential option because its Integrated Pest Management programs are aimed at effectively controlling pests while reducing the impact to humans, non-target organisms, and the environment. What’s more, Orkin has taken steps to reduce the mileage and fuel emissions of its fleet and to develop recycling programs and other environmental stewardship initiatives.

Best Commercial: Terminix



Like Orkin, Terminix is a household name in pest control and services are available from more than 300 locations in roughly 45 states. While Terminix is a top provider of residential termite control, we chose it as the best option for commercial customers because of its Commercial EcoControl program.

In an effort to reduce the number of pests that require treatment, EcoControl begins with preventative efforts like proactive inspections and the removal of conditions that might encourage infestations. When treatment is necessary, Terminix uses low-impact products and alternative pest control methods like plant essential oils, vacuuming, and trapping. Plus, like Terminix’s other services, the effectiveness of EcoControl is guaranteed.

Prices are based on each client’s needs and the pest control strategies best suited to their goals and properties. Those interested in Terminix services can request a free estimate online or by phone.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: Overall, Treehugger loves Terminix for commercial pest control because its EcoControl services are highly effective and meet a number of green standards.

Best Eco-Friendly: Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental is currently one of the fastest growing pest control company in North America with locations across about 25 states.

Residential customers can get started with Aptive by identifying their local office and then scheduling an appointment online or by phone. As with other services, prices aren’t published on the Aptive website. Some reviews do indicate some confusion around payment schedules—so review your service contract closely before signing a contract.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: We love Aptive because of the company’s dedication to using responsibly sourced products that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Best Wildlife Control: Trutech



Trutech is animal control, pest control, and animal and wildlife removal service serving roughly 35 states.

Wildlife services can be complex and have the potential to negatively impact the natural environment. For that reason, Trutech aims to hire team members with relevant degrees in the study of insects, birds, reptiles, or wildlife biology. Many even hold a master’s degree.

If you’re in need of wildlife removal services, whether for your home or residence, you can chat with Trutech online to schedule an appointment or learn more about available services. Trutech also provides robust online resources and answers to frequently asked questions to help you identify your unique wildlife control issues.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: Trutech is our top pick for wildlife management and animal control because of its dedication to hiring qualified technicians who will take steps necessary to protect wildlife.

Best Mosquito Control: TruGreen



Not all pests live indoors, so we chose TruGreen as a pick for controlling the top outdoor pest: mosquitos. TruGreen offers a range of outdoor services like pet-safe mosquito control, lawn care, and tree and shrub care.

The cost of TruGreen’s other services depends on your property and the type and extent of the services you need. To get a detailed quote for mosquito control or any other pest control or lawn service offered by TruGreen, complete a contact form online and a representative will contact you with information. You can also contact TruGreen directly by phone.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: TruGreen made our list because it’s committed to environmental efforts like reducing the fuel consumption of its fleet, developing its smart water use campaign, and starting the TruGreen Pollinator Protection initiative, which distributes wildflower seed packets.

How We Chose the Best Pest Control Services

We selected the best pest control services based on a number of factors, including the available range of services, customer service tools, and service areas. Treehugger also evaluated whether each service is taking steps to protect the environment via safe pest control methods, community involvement, and other green initiatives.

A large service area combined with robust customer support tools and a dedication to eco-friendly pest control makes Rentokil our top choice. Not only can customers count on Rentokil for effective residential and commercial services, but the company is also taking steps to develop a more targeted method of pest control that relies on environmentally friendly techniques. Additionally, while Trutech was the standout choice for disposing of wildlife, TruGreen was the top pick to get rid of mosquitoes.