​The Best Personal Touches for a Rustic Wedding

Forget crystal glasses and tables draped in linens. This beautiful table setting incorporates lots of greenery with soft peach accents on a rustic brown table. . (Photo: Miroslav Kudrin/Shutterstock)

Whether you're planning your own wedding, helping a friend plan one, or even if you've attended a wedding in the last few years, chances are you've encountered elements of a rustic wedding. Bridal Guide recently named rustic weddings as one of the five hottest wedding trends, and Glamour magazine predicted in 2016 that rustic accents and airy outdoor weddings would be in vogue this year.

Don't make the assumption that rustic weddings — also known as country weddings, with their often-outdoor settings and natural greenery decor — are any less luxurious than their more classic counterparts. It's all about the details: For colors, think warm tones of peach or apricot with accents of browns or greens. For dresses, think feminine lace or a sheath style instead of a beaded ballgown. And for venues, skip the Ritz or the Four Seasons and opt for a farm, a barn, or as Country Living says, a woodland hangout or a place with a deep sense of history.

In the end, each wedding is as unique as the happy couple. But for inspiration, below are 15 ideas for rustic-themed wedding cakes, decorations, stationery, favors, table settings and more.



No need for a white latticed archway laced with roses. This romantic moment was framed by thin trees bent into an arch and adorned with wispy white flowers.



Gold-rimmed wine and cocktail glasses paired with peach flowers and napkins provide elegance while a denim-colored tablecloth with earth-toned dishes serve up rustic charm.



While the paper may have the color of cardboard, these wedding invitations get a touch of class from delicate ribbon of various colors, a single strand of twine and a few strategically placed pearls amid the text.



While the white-linen lined tables have a traditional look and feel, the woodsy backdrop and warm, relaxed lighting create a rustic-looking outdoor scene.



The simple dangling light bulbs in this wedding setting are intertwined with green vines and hanging white flowers to provide an uber-romantic atmosphere.



A dark-stained plank of wood decorated with greenery and a hand-written announcement is a gorgeous and simple way to welcome guests to the venue and set the tone right from the start.



Bring the outdoors in with nature-inspired place cards and favors made of pine cones, twine, burlap or wood, like the table markers below.





It seems sporting footwear outside the black-tie norm is a must-do for rustic weddings. This couple proudly shows off their kicks, while the ladies below make the smart choice to don cowboy boots at this Midwest farm wedding.


Guests later sat on these bales of hay to watch the wedding ceremony. (Photo: Jonnie Andersen/flickr)

Wispy flowers, wind-blown wisps of hair and the slightly billowing lace hem on the bride's dress give this rustic wedding a feminine feel — cowboy boots and all.



Line the wedding aisle with assorted barrels full of white flowers for that bridal color palette with a rustic touch.


Rustic wedding cake. (Photo: Blavou - Wedding Photography/flickr)

Now for a little cake eye candy. Rustic wedding cakes often incorporate natural greenery like the one above, which sits atop what hopefully is a very finely sanded log.

This three-level wedding cake is adorned with greenery and flowers. (Photo: Roman Stepaniuk/Shutterstock)

The top few layers on this cake go au naturel — they're naked, meaning they have no frosting. And again, you have the natural greenery and popular peachy color palette. Check out the nature-inspired cakes in this roundup (especially the birds on the branch and the woodland cake).


Bridesmaids in an autumn color palette at a rustic wedding. (Photo: Matt Druin/flickr)

Though rustic weddings certainly aren't limited to peach. Mixing in metallics can create what's called "rustic chic," and an autumn leaf-inspired color palette (where everyone isn't matchy-matchy) for your bridesmaids can mirror the seasons changing around you.

Recycled wine bottles wrapped with pretty paper and/or twine and stuffed with fresh-cut flowers make a unique accent for rustic wedding. (Photo: Wedding photography/Shutterstock)

This idea turns your recyclables into wedding-level decor. All you need is clean, empty wine bottles, white paper, twine and flowers. Hang them from trees or along a fence to add a dash of romance and provide an instant conversation starter.