The Best Period Underwear of 2022

Saalt’s comfortable period underwear is our top choice.

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Saalt’s period underwear, made from recycled materials, is our Best Overall pick.

The environmental impact of monthly periods can be staggering. A big part of the problem with disposable pads and tampons lies in the sheer quantity of plastic found in each period hygiene product. Not only is plastic a by-product of the dirty fossil fuel industry, but the average pad contains the equivalent of four plastic shopping bags. These materials can take hundreds of years to break down.

How you deal with your period is a deeply personal choice, and here at Treehugger, we respect that for some people, going zero-waste when it comes to periods isn't the right option. But if you are looking to use fewer disposable products, there are a number of great alternatives, from menstrual cups to DIY pads, and of course, period underwear.

Period panties both look and feel almost identical to your normal ones but can absorb several tampons’ worth of blood, depending on the style you choose. Organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics can offer better breathability.

We researched the market and tested top products to make our recommendations for the best period underwear.

Best Overall: Saalt Leakproof Mesh Hipster

Saalt Period Underwear


For those with an average amount of flow, Saalt’s beautiful period underwear features an absorbent gusset with innovative channels that help distribute liquid and keep you feeling dry, making them our top overall choice. They can hold an average of five tampons-worth of blood. Saalt’s period underwear is made from recycled plastic, each pair is equivalent to about three water bottles worth of plastic. They are certified free of PSAFs, and have third-party certifications from OEKO-TEX and Bluesign, ensuring the undies are free from harmful chemicals. 

Our tester used them both for periods and for postpartum spotting. She found them both comfortable to wear and showed no signs of wear after many washes.

Designed in France, the underwear is made in Sri Lanka at a green textile manufacturing facility that uses renewable energy and offers educational opportunities to its workers. The panties are packaged in a recycled paper envelope, to minimize plastic waste while keeping the product clean. Saalt also donates 2% of revenue to charities that help support healthy periods, education, and sustainability. 

"What I love about using Saalt's period underwear is that they feel just like normal undies. They have a black gusset that doesn't show stains, and I don't need any other period products on light-to-normal flow days (although my period is definitely on the lighter side). I also like Saalt's lace designs." ~ Margaret Badore, Treehugger Associate Editorial Director

Best Overall Runner Up: Thinx Hiphugger

Thinx Hiphugger Panty


If there’s one company that brought period underwear into the mainstream, it’s undeniably Thinx. The company was founded with the mission of empowering people to feel proud of their bodies, and their range of comfortable and reliably absorbent period panties achieves just that. 

The Hiphugger is one of Thinx's most popular lines. It's available in seven different colors, offers a full fit and a lacy waistband. They’re indistinguishable from your regular underpants and just as comfy, but hold one regular pad’s worth of flow—or double that if you opt for the Super Hiphugger. They’re also certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, meaning the fabric is free of concerning chemicals.

Best Budget: Bambody Period Panties

Bambody Period Panties - Hipster for Tweens & Women


Just about any period panty pays for itself in the long run by helping you avoid the cost of disposable products. However, Bambody has achieved stylish, leak-proof underwear at a particularly affordable price-point. The main body of the underwear is made from bamboo fabric, which is breathable and comfortable. The material can help keep you dry and comfortable. We also love the pretty bikini with the hip-level elastic lace waistband.

Best for Teens: Thinx Super Shorty

Thinx Super Shorty


Starting menses can be a stressful time for teens, particularly for young people who have irregular cycles that can be unpredictable. Thinx BTWN period panties can help make it a little easier. They're available in five fun patterns and colors. Made from organic cotton—which produces up to 46% less greenhouse gases than regular cotton—they’re also incredibly kind to the environment and certified as toxic-free by OEKO-TEX. 

These panties aren’t just a way for your teen to feel more confident and comfortable while menstruating. Every purchase of a Thinx product is a donation towards a range of important social causes, including campaigning to end period poverty for students unable to afford pads or tampons. Thinx also partners with schools to provide inclusive and medically-accurate curricula to young people across the United States.

Best Leakproof: Aisle Bikini

Aisle Bikini


Not only do these panties look super cute (there’s no need to feel frumpy even if it is your time of the month), but they hold four tampons’ worth of flow and over their lifetime can replace an impressive 85 regular pads. To achieve this, these panties use a clever network of quick-wicking mesh, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified fibers and breathable organic cotton to produce a leak proof panty.

What’s more, they even have booster washable pads that you can insert directly into the underwear for added protection, increasing the absorbency by a further two tampons’ worth.

Earth-friendly products are the name of the game with these period underwear, which come from a company that first started making reusable period products back in the early 90s. They’ve learned a lot, and been B CORP certified, meaning they give back to the community at every possible step of the way.

Best for Sport: Dear Kate Go Commando Yoga Pants

Dear Kate Yoga Pants

Dear Kate

Doing exercise while on your period can be a challenge. Luckily, we have Dear Kate to thank for its inspired range of period underwear that doubles up as yoga pants.

Calf-length and in a range of universe-inspired patterns, these nylon, three-layer, silky-soft, and 100% plastic-free yoga pants are designed to be as moisture-wicking as they are flexible. Whether you’re out running or inside practicing your downward-facing dog, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to manage the same moves as normal in this cute addition to your menstruation routine. 

Dear Kate also donates to those around the world who don’t have access to intimate hygiene products.

Best for Heavy Flow: Knix Super Leakproof Cheeky

Knix Super Leakproof Cheeky


Anyone with a heavy flow, raise your hand. These plain yet super absorbent panties from Knix should take pride of place in your underwear drawer. When we’re talking heavy, we’re really are talking heavy: These will hold a record eight tampons’ worth, despite having an ultra-thin gusset. They’re a lifesaver if you’ve ever tried and failed to find period products that can keep up with your body and they look fantastic (and cheeky!) on. 

But it doesn’t end here. Their use of both moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials in the gusset liner will prevent yeast infections and other such unwelcome visitors. An extra leak-proof layer also guarantees there will be no spotting: just confident and comfortable wear. 

The best thing about this brand, however, is the fact that practically all of their period underwear can be bought as part of a matching lingerie set—which is a win for anyone who still wants to feel sexy (and coordinated!) regardless of what’s going on with their body.

Best for Comfort: Aisle Boxer Brief

Aisle Boxer Brief


When it’s the time of the month and those stomach cramps kick in, there’s probably little you want to do except stretch out on the sofa with a blanket in front of the TV. If this sounds like your vibe, these boxer briefs may be what you’ve been searching for.

To put it bluntly, these are the underwear equivalent of a massive hug. They’re roomy and comfy and will work as bedtime period underwear, for day-to-day wear and for humans with periods who prefer not to wear panties.

As with all Aisle products, you can find out how many disposable pads you’ve replaced with your purchase (77 in this case), and combine them with a booster for an extra two tampons’ worth if it’s that kind of day. Finally, wear them safe in the knowledge that they’re OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified, meaning your undergarment has been made without any toxic chemicals.

Best Other Kinds of Leaks: Modibodi Vegan Bikini

Modibodi Vegan Bikini


Period panties aren't just for periods—they can also help with bladder and other leaks. Experiencing bladder leaks after giving birth to her second child, CEO and Founder Kristy Chong decided to start her own brand to make underwear work harder.

Using patented Modifier Technology, Modibodi garments have a thin, 3 millimeter absorbent layer that can hold up four tampons' worth of liquid. The gusset is made from merino wool while the outside is made from bamboo, creating a buttery soft fit that stays dry. If you rather shop vegan, check out the vegan collection made from bamboo. You can choose from all sorts of underwear styles, including detachable pairs for easy dressing.

Want to go for a swim or a run? Modibodi also offers swimwear and activewear with leak-proof technology. There's no reason to let leaks hold you back.

Final Verdict

Period underwear is a great way to cut down on disposable plastic in your life. Our all-around recommendation is Saalt's Mesh Hipster. If you’re looking for a lower-cost option, then check out Bambody's Period Panties.

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