The Best Organic Cotton Pajamas of 2023

Coyuchi's sleepwear is our top choice for certified organic PJs.

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Best Organic Cotton Pajamas

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We spend about a third of our life sleeping. So it's normal to want to spend that time in pajamas that are made with natural fibers. Unfortunately, lots of clothing on the market is made from synthetic fabrics, meaning we’re wearing plastic. Clothing made from some plants isn't perfect either, as some fabrics made from bamboo and conventional cotton are associated with illegal deforestation and pesticide usage. 

A better alternative is to look for pajamas made from certified organic cotton, which is grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Buying certified organic cotton products also means you’re helping to conserve natural resources like water, and it means you’re helping farmers live better lives by avoiding exposure to toxins and chemicals during cotton production.

We researched the market to find the best organic cotton pajamas.

Best Overall

Coyuchi Pajamas

Coyuchi Women's Solstice Organic Chemise

Courtesy of Coyuchi

Comfortable rompers, flannel pajama pants, nightgowns, shirts, and jogger pants make up the pajama line from Coyuchi. The company uses Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton, which eliminates chemicals and promotes safe environments for workers. Coyuchi products are also free from toxins that harm humans, animals, and ecosystems, which is verified by a Made Safe certification. These certifications, combined with the company's overall commitment to sustainability and fair working conditions, make Coyuchi our top choice for ethical pjs.

The company partners with White Buffalo Land Trust, which focuses on soil health and biodiverse farming, and Fibershed, which supports regional farms and ranches in carbon farming practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Coyuchi also partners with the Chetna Coalition, which is a supply chain network that supports sustainable farming in India and is a member of 1% for the Planet.

Sustainability Tip

Pajamas are pretty personal, and many people prefer to not get them second-hand. However, before you buy a brand new set, consider if there are already any garments in your wardrobe that could be re-purposed into PJs.

Best for Women

Eileen Fisher Pajamas

Eileen Fisher Pajamas

Courtesy of Eileen Fisher

Stay comfy and fashionable with Eileen Fisher’s line of pajamas, all made with 100% organic cotton. The sleep collection includes luxurious separates, including tanks, comfy pants, robes, and even slippers.

The PJs are pricy, but they meet exceptionally high environmental standards. Eileen Fisher is a B Corp, meaning it voluntarily meets high criteria for social and environmental performance and tracks its clothing from the field to the factories to ensure organic cotton is being used and fabrics are dyed in a safe manner.

The company even lists its suppliers right on its website for those curious as to where their products are coming from. Eileen Fisher also supports numerous nonprofits and NGOs working toward environmental conservation, climate change, sustainable agriculture, recycling, and water stewardship.

Best for Men

Harvest & Mill Organic Clothing

Harvest & Mill Men's Organic Jogger Pants in Natural

Courtesy of Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill makes great clothing that guys love for lounging and sleep, including jogger pants, comfy tees, sweatshirts, and more. The company uses organic cotton grown in the United States, and all clothing is sewn in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco.

It also directly commissions American heritage mills to spin, knit, and finish fabrics and can trace all materials back to organic cotton farms. Any clothing that is dyed is done so naturally by farmers and dye artists in Indiana and California. Even its packaging is eco-friendly, compostable, and free of plastic. The jogger pants are great for lazy Sunday afternoons, and the organic cotton tees are great for green gift-giving.

Best Variety

Made Trade Pajamas

Made Trade Bamboo Tank Top

Courtesy of Made Trade

Known for eco-friendly products like home decor, furniture, candles, and kitchen utensils, Made Trade also makes a great lineup of pajamas that includes cozy jogger pants, sweatshirts, nightgowns, shorts, crop tops, hoodies, and sweatpants.

Made Trade partners with brands and makers from around the world that use certified organic cotton and natural dyes in their products, and the company prides itself on providing fair-trade, sustainable products you can feel good about wearing.

Consider the pima short from Leena & Lu, which uses organic cotton from Peru and non-toxic dyes, or the organic cotton jogger set from Poplinen for an eco-friendly pajama look that’s great for cold nights and cozying up with a good book.

Best for Kids

Hanna Andersson Kids Pajama Sets

Hanna Andersson Kids Pajama Sets

Courtesy of Hanna Andersson

Swimming sharks, sweet strawberries, storytime books, and far-out space scenes are just a few fun pajama options that kids love from Hanna Andersson. You can also find many designs featuring beloved characters, from Peanuts to Pokemon. The pajama styles include long johns, short sets, and zipped sleeper options, all made from organic cotton. These PJs are OEKO-TEX certified, to ensure no chemicals of concern can be found on the finished product.

Hanna Andersson's organic cotton is GOTS certified. The company also uses suppliers that adhere to standards regarding fair wages, working conditions, nondiscrimination, and health, and safety in work facilities.

Best Baby

Pact Baby Organic Sleepwear

Pact Footie Sleeper


Babies love being snug while sleeping, and these footie sleeper pajamas do just the trick, with breathable organic cotton and a tagless back label that doesn’t irritate the skin. The diagonal front zip also makes diaper changes a breeze, and a snap tab at the neck protects from rubbing and irritation as well.

Available in three colors, these baby pajamas are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton in a fair-trade certified factory based in India. There are no toxic chemicals used to make these pajamas including pesticides and fertilizers, and 91% less water is used while making the pajamas in comparison to traditional cotton. In fact, almost 25 gallons of water are saved in the production of these jammies.

Best Flannel

Toad & Co Pajamas

Toad & Co Shuteye Pant

Courtesy of Toad & Co

Perfect for a toasty night around the fire or those iconic matching flannel pajama Christmas photos, these flannel pajama pants from Toad & Co. are made from 100 percent certified organic cotton. The soft fabric is moisture-wicking, with an elastic waistband with drawstring and a patched on back pocket.

The company is a member of the Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit organization working to make the textile industry more sustainable. These flannel pajamas also come rolled with ribbon, making them great for gift giving. A classic red and black plaid pattern is available, as is a holiday-centric red and green plaid pattern.

Best Matching

Hanna Andersson Gnome Matching Family Pajamas

Gnome Matching Family Pajamas

Courtesy of Hanna Andersson

Creating those fun family photos where everyone has matching pajamas is easy with these options from Hanna Andersson. Character pajamas like Darth Vader and Yoda from Star Wars are available, as are Snoopy, Disney, Marvel, and Bugs Bunny sets.

Holiday pajamas come in plaid, candy cane, dreidel, Hanukkah, snowflakes, deer designs, and more, and numerous other themes are available for Easter, Valentine’s Day, spring, fall, and even childhood faves like fire trucks and rainbows. Sizes are available in mens, womens, unisex, kids, and baby options, and all pajamas are made from 100 percent organic cotton.

Best Nightgown

Mate The Label Tencel Sleep Tee Dress

Mate Tencel Sleep Tee Dress


Looking for the ultimate comfort in sleepwear? Look no further than this nightgown from Mate, which comes in a range of sizes from extra small to 3X. The nightgown's hem hits about mid-thigh, comes in several colors, and has a pocket. Although the main fiber is Tencel, which is a more eco-friendly version of rayon, the blend includes 30% organic cotton.

As of 2021, Mate is committed to becoming Climate Neutral Certified as a way to combat the current climate crisis. Multiple color options are available in the nightgown. We like that about 85% less water and 40% less carbon is used to make these gowns compared to products that use non-organic materials, and the fact that these fibers don’t use pesticides or plastic.

Final Verdict

Coyuchi pajamas take the cake for the company’s long list of environmental efforts, and a good variety of styles. We also love the Mate The Label Sleep Tee Dress for its comfort and simplicity, and the fact that it’s comfortable to wear during hotter weather.

What to Look for in Organic Cotton Pajamas

Organic cotton is one of the most sustainable fabrics you can choose when it comes to sleepwear. The key thing is to look for is a trusted third-party certification, because unfortunately there are some greenwashed products for sale online that claim to be “organic” without the practices to back this claim. 

When it comes to clothing, the most common organic certification is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). You can also find products that use cotton that meets USDA Organic standards, like the clothing from Harvest & Mill

An additional organic certification that’s robust but less commonly seen in the United States is Soil Association Organic.

Why Trust Treehugger?

To make this list, we deeply researched the market by reviewing certifications and user reviews, interviewing industry representatives, and evaluating manufacturers to find the most sustainable organic pajamas.

Author Amanda Ogle is a veteran reporter who loves writing about sustainability and believes it is important that we all strive to be as environmentally friendly as we can. She enjoys giving readers an honest idea of where to buy sustainable clothing that makes a difference in our environment.