Best Online Art Classes for Kids

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Best Online Art Classes for Kids of 2022

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Our Top Picks

Whether you’re looking for fresh after-school activities or an answer to summer boredom, online art classes can expand your child’s horizons while providing entertainment and engagement. Available classes range from simple doodling and crafts to more extensive lessons covering watercolor painting and drawing. The best online art classes for kids also vary in price from totally free to over $200, so it’s easy to find options that fit your budget. 

To help you get started, we reviewed providers and learning platforms based on cost, membership options, course selection, and whether each is appropriate for a range of ages. Our comparison also factored in user reviews and whether the classes are user-friendly for both kids and parents.

Best Overall: Sparketh



Why We Chose It: The free trial, flexible membership options, and huge selection of classes for kids of all ages make Sparketh our top choice for the best online art classes for kids. 

What We Like

- Offers a free 30-day trial

- Includes access to more than 1,000 art videos

- Membership includes two student accounts, and it’s easy to add more

What We Don’t Like

- Membership is more expensive than some other options we considered

Sparketh is an online learning platform that specializes in self-paced art classes for six- to 18-year olds.

Students can choose from more than 1,000 art class videos available on more than five art tracks. Membership comes with two student accounts and costs about $25 per month or roughly $250 when billed annually. If you have more than two kids or want to share an account with friends, you can add more students for around $5 per month, per student.

Classes can be searched by skill level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), as well as by subject and course type. Then, students can choose from general art, drawing, painting, and baking classes. There are new virtual courses every week, and if you think something is missing, you can request new lessons. Students also get access to monthly one-on-one mentorship and can use their individual accounts to track their progress and save their art to a portfolio.

Best Mixed Media: Carla Sonheim Presents Kids Art Week

Carla Sonheim Presents Kids Art Week

Carla Sonheim Presents Kids Art Week

Why We Chose It: Carla Sonheim Presents Kids Art Week gives kids the opportunity to explore several unique art forms, making it our favorite option for mixed media art.

What We Like

- Classes are totally free

- Students can access content from past years

- Taught by a unique and experienced team of guest artists

What We Don’t Like

- Parents may not have all of the supplies on-hand

Carla Sonheim Presents offers free and paid art classes for both kids and adults through its website.

In addition to the paid courses offered for adults, parents could choose from six, free Kids Art Week classes that took place between 2016 and 2020. Classes are taught by guest teachers and cover a range of artistic styles, so kids get to experiment with different techniques and learn about what kind of art they enjoy the most.

Carla Sonheim Presents also features a free resource library that includes additional courses and exercises to keep kids entertained.

Best for Entertaining Crafts: The Kitchen Table Classroom

The Kitchen Table Classroom

The Kitchen Table Classroom

Why We Chose It: Kids and parents looking for simple and entertaining crafts will love The Kitchen Table Classroom because of its large selection of classes, extensive free options, and straightforward supply lists.

What We Like

- Large selection of crafts and activities

- Many activities, printables, and other resources are totally free

- Parents are more likely to have the necessary supplies on hand

What We Don’t Like

- Full course offerings are more limited

Offering classes and resources to kids, parents, and teachers, The Kitchen Table Classroom is an art and learning website created by a parent and art teacher. Users can choose projects from categories like printables, drawing, painting, paper arts, printmaking, and three-dimensional art. Many classes and activities are available for free, while others cost about $6 or more to download the corresponding printouts. 

Paid courses, which cost roughly $15 to $97, include everything from art history—like Kusama for Kids and Frida Kahlo for Kids—to drawing and digital design. There’s also a free resource library that parents can access by signing up for The Kitchen Table Classroom’s email list.

Best Watercolor & Drawing: Nature’s Art Club

Nature’s Art Club

Nature’s Art Club

Why We Chose It: Nature’s Art Club is our top pick for watercolor and drawing classes because of the in-depth, educational, and kid-friendly tutorials available to members.

What We Like

- Content is accessible to the whole family

- Classes can be adapted to all ages and skill levels

- Members get access to a private Facebook group

What We Don’t Like

- Parents may not have all of the supplies on-hand

Nature’s Art Club is a monthly art class membership offered through Lily and Thistle Creative Studio, a lifestyle brand that focuses on creativity.

Classes are appropriate for all age groups and students get extensive, on-demand training in both drawing and watercolor. Membership is intended for use by the entire family and costs about $25 per month or $199 for lifetime access. Prospective members can also watch previews of some of the tutorials before committing to a monthly or annual plan. 

Not only is Nature’s Art Club an excellent option for kids who want to learn to paint, but it’s also a great choice for groups of families, co-ops, or even teachers who want their kids to take classes together. It offers membership for groups of up to five, 15, and 30 families. You have to contact them to learn about pricing. Finally, if you’re a parent who wants to inject some creativity into your daily life, check out Lily and Thistle’s free course, The Art Habit for Moms.

Best Live Online Art Classes: The Art Studio NY

The Art Studio NY

The Art Studio NY

Why We Chose It: We chose The Art Studio NY because of the studio’s excellent reviews and dedication to providing a positive and encouraging learning environment for kids.

What We Like

- Classes are available for several age groups

- Students are exposed to skills like painting, drawing, and mixed-media

- Projects aren’t repeated so students will always create something new

What We Don’t Like

- Classes require early registration and may sell out

A popular and well-known source of art classes in New York City, The Art Studio NY also offers online art classes for kids, teens, and adults. Live group lessons teach skills including drawing, painting, and mixed media art, and are available for kids in kindergarten and first grade and for ages five to 14 and up.

Kids' courses start at $100 and cost depends on the age group, type of class, and number of sessions. Because courses are live and scheduled far in advance, you’ll need to register ahead of time; keep in mind that the popular classes may sell out. The Art Studio NY also makes it easy to prep for class by providing art supply bundles through its website. 

Best for Quick Classes: Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems

Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems

Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems

Why We Chose It: We love Lunchtime Doodles with Mo Willems because the series offers free, easy, and entertaining drawing classes in a quick format that’s easy to fit into your kids’ schedule.

What We Like

- Totally free classes are offered through YouTube

- Quick 15- to 30-minute sessions 

- Entertaining and easy to follow

What We Don’t Like

- There are currently only 15 episodes in the series

Created as a way to entertain kids with art online, Lunchtime Doodle with Mo Willems is available for free on YouTube.

Taught by author, illustrator, and Kennedy Center Education Artist-In-Residence Mo Willems, these 15- to 30-minute classes were originally recorded to help kids feel more connected, while also teaching them about self-expression through art.

Though there are only 15 episodes available, these quick classes help kids get excited about drawing and provide an outlet for stress. Plus, Willems compiles kids' doodles from each week, so they can show them off online.

Final Verdict

Live and on-demand online art classes are the perfect way for kids to explore and develop new skills, wind down after school, or just stay entertained on weekends and during the summer. It’s easy to find high-quality classes for any age group or skill level.

Sparketh, our best overall pick, stands out because of the volume and quality of the platform’s lessons. Students can access more than 1,000 hours of class for roughly $25 per month or $250 per year. Plus, there's a free 30-day trial, so you can try before buying.

How Do Online Art Classes for Kids Work?

The majority of online art classes for kids include printouts, YouTube videos, and other pre-recorded lessons that can be accessed on-demand. Parents can pay for individual classes or, in many cases, sign up for a membership that provides access to a platform’s entire library of lessons and resources. Some classes, however, are offered as live, online sessions where students can meet with teachers via video conferencing and interact with other students in real-time.

How Much Do Online Art Classes for Kids Cost?

Many online art classes for kids are available for free on platforms like YouTube or through kid-friendly blogs and websites. Paid content typically ranges anywhere from a few dollars per course to over $200. Live, online courses may have a higher price tag, but this depends on the provider and the course format. For example, some live classes—like those offered by The Art Studio NY—have a high initial cost but come with access to several weeks' or months' worth of classes. 

What Are the Benefits of Online Art Classes?

Online art classes give kids the opportunity to explore new skills and develop their creativity from the comfort of their kitchen table, local library, or school. And, while online art classes are a great way for kids to learn, they’re also entertaining and keep kids busy. 

How We Chose the Best Online Art Classes for Kids

To select the best online art classes for kids, we reviewed 15 learning platforms and compared them based on price, class selection, age range, and entertainment value. We also looked at the supply lists for each course to evaluate whether parents are likely to have everything on-hand. Finally, where appropriate, we considered the flexibility of membership options, customer reviews, and whether kids and parents get access to an online community of other students.