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Update: Check out the category winners in the Best in Show slideshow, and find out who our readers awarded with the ultimate prize: Best of Green: Best in Show!

So the staff at TreeHugger put their heads together to do one mighty feat: Select the best of the best, the greenest of the green, in the world of culture and celebrity, travel and nature, cars and transportation, science and technology, food and health, business and politics, and let's not forget fashion and beauty. While you may not agree with all of our picks -- and feel free to vent your love and your wrath in the Forums -- all are undeniably cutting-edge on the eco front.

So if you ever wondered about the best-looking endangered species, the best magazine that gives a damn, the best solar boat, the greenest celebrity, the best electric scooter, the best hybrid car, the best biofuels and more, look no further than TreeHugger's Best of Green "It's About Time" Awards. Then, head on over to Planet Green, where you can rate the winners in each category in our View and Vote slideshow polls, open through April 22. Once the picks are in for the highest rated organization, person, product, or idea in each category, we'll have another vote: leaving us with best in show of Best of Green.

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