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Every day, TreeHugger scours the planet looking for the people, ideas, projects, and memes that are helping green push further into the mainstream. Great examples abound, but once a year, we like to round up the most interesting, best, and brightest, to present our Best of Green Awards. These are the movers and shakers, the people, places, and organizations that float to the top.

And now the results are in: With 120+ winners in more than 100 categories -- including more than 50 Readers' Choice awards selected by you, dear readers -- we're launching the full complement of awards throughout the week, April 2-6. We'll be making regular updates between now and then, so check back early and often to see what's new.

What's the best electric car, green cookbook, nature app? The best-looking endangered species? Who's the best celebrity activist, climat activist? Find out these and more.

It's a great time for green, and we're excited to share the best of it with you. Welcome to the 2012 Best of Green! -- Produced by Mairi Beautyman and Collin Dunn

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