Best of Ecouterre: 6 Eco-Fashion Garments Inspired by Nature/Biomimicry

Pollinator Frocks photo
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+ Karen Ingham's "Pollinator Frocks" are treated with a nectar-like sugar solution that attracts and nourishes bees and other endangered pollinators.

+ Also inspired by Colony Collapse Disorder, Ada Zanditon's "Colony" collection translates the hexagonal cells of a honeycomb into high style.

+ This dress's iridescent hue is purely a trick of the light. It's made from Morphotex, a nanotechnology-based, structurally colored fiber that mimics the microscopic structure of the Morpho butterfly's wings.+ Who needs a fur pelt when you can wear a collar made from live green moss?

+ This "living" dress, made from recycled inner tubes, brings each season to life with changing floral arrangements.

+ Elephant dung as the next big biodegradable material? These 10-inch stiletto heels are either hot sh*t or just crap, depending on whom you ask.

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