The 7 Best Nonstick Cookware Sets of 2023

Our top pick is GreenPan's Nonstick Cookware Set.

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Nonstick cookware may make cooking and cleaning easier, but a growing body of research has found that non-stick coatings that contain polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) are linked to negative health and environmental effects. They are among the synthetic substances called "forever chemicals," because they persist in the environment without breaking down and can accumulate in the bodies of people and animals over time. According to the EPA, PFA exposure is associated with lower birth weights, cancer, and thyroid problems.

In light of this evidence, many people want to avoid cookware that contains PFAs. In response, many companies are producing nonstick cookware that doesn’t contain these chemicals and instead are nonstick thanks to safer materials. We researched the market to find the greenest makers of PFA-free pots and pans.

Here are the best nonstick cookware sets:

Best Overall

GreenPan Lima Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, 12 Pieces

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Belgian company GreenPan features many different lines of cookware sets, so there's one for every need. GreenPan’s items are coated with Thermolon ceramic, a nonstick material derived from sand so it doesn’t contain PFAs, including perfluorooctanoic acid (a type of PFA known as PFOA and used in Teflon).

Thermolon is heat resistant up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit, and even if you accidentally overheat your pan, it won’t release fumes. GreenPan products have a reinforced surface technology that is scratch resistant and induction technology for quick and even heating. The contoured, steel handles are oven safe as well, and GreenPan recycles stainless steel and aluminum whenever possible.

The Thermolon pans are manufactured in Hong Kong. Another environmental pro is that 60 percent less carbon dioxide is emitted during the curing phase of production of GreenPan’s Thermolon coatings, compared to emissions during the curing phase of traditional coatings.

Price at time of publish: $160

Best Budget

Ecolution Artistry Non-Stick Cookware Set


Courtesy of Amazon

Cookware from Ecolution is made without PFOAs and instead uses water-based coatings. These pots and pans are made from heavy-duty aluminum that conducts heat beautifully. The handles are made of silicone, which stays cool while cooking. Treehugger is generally cautious about products with silicone, however, in this case, the silicone shouldn't come in direct contact with food.

This set is dishwasher safe, and you can buy individual items from Ecolution’s different product lines to add to your collection. This set includes two different sizes of frying pans, two saucepans with lids, and a dutch oven with a lid. Ecolution packages its products with 70 percent recycled materials.

Price at time of publish: $100

Best Splurge

Le Creuset 5-Piece Signature Set

Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron 5-Piece Cookware Set

 Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Whether starting your Le Creuset collection or adding to it, this set is a great place to begin because it includes all the basics: A dutch oven with a lid, saucepan with a lid, and an enameled iron skillet. This set is safe for gas or electric stovetops and is oven-safe up to 500 degrees.

Le Creuset pots and pans can handle metal utensils and dishwashers, and the enameled cast iron produces excellent heat distribution and retention, and eliminates the need to season and maintain, unlike other cast iron products. The easy-to-clean enamel also resists stains, dulling, chipping, and cracking. You can choose from multiple beautiful color options. 

Price at time of publish: $575

Cleaning Tip:

Some foods may cling to enameled cookware more than other non-stick pots and pans. If something is really stuck, soak it overnight with a few drops of eco-friendly dish soap, and cleaning will be easier the next morning.

Best Style

Caraway Cookware Set



Elevate your kitchen with this sleek set from Caraway, which we like for its style and environmental standards. Caraway items are free of PFAs, as well as cadmium and lead, and are made with a mineral-based coating.

You can use the set on gas and electric stovetops and in the oven up to 550 degrees. The included storage rack is a perk. The magnetic pan rack has a place for each pot, and the sleek canvas lid holder fits on a cabinet door. Choose from beautiful colors like sage, navy, and “perracotta” (pink and terracotta).

Price at time of publish: $445

Best Variety

Cuisinart Green Gourmet Nonstick Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

Photo © Cuisinart

Free of PFOAs and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), this 12-piece set is made from hard-anodized aluminum with a water-based, nonstick, ceramic surface that is scratch-resistant. The manufacturer recommends seasoning this cookware twice a year due to its more natural coating.

Perks of this set include its heat conductivity, which results in less energy use, and its ability to go in the oven and even broiler. The set includes a sauté pan, two saucepans, a Dutch oven, stockpot, and all lids plus an open skillet and steamer insert.

Price at time of publish: $260

Best All-in-One

Our Place

Our Place

Our Place

Our Place makes the Swiss-Army-knife of pans, which is designed to replace at least seven pieces of cookware. Use it as the frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, and spoon rest. The Always Pan allows you to fry, boil, strain, and more, all in one. The pan is free of PFAs and nanoparticles and has a nonstick coating that is made primarily from silicon dioxide, a naturally occurring compound.

It comes with a beechwood spatula that is designed to fit right on top of the pan’s handle and has a built-in spoon rest. Plus, the stainless steel steamer basket fits perfectly in the pan and is great for broccoli, dumplings, and even pasta. It also has pour spouts and a lid that allows steam to escape. Low to medium heat is recommended when cooking, and a quick wash with soap and water is all you need for cleanup. The Always Pan is not dishwasher or oven safe.

Price at time of publish: $145

Best Materials

Xtrema 5-Piece Starter Set


Courtesy of Xtrema

To really rid your kitchen of chemicals, try a set from Xtrema, made of pure ceramic and free of any chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects, and more. Xtrema can be used on the stovetop or in the oven, and food cooks evenly in these pots and pans due to the infrared heating properties.

Feel good knowing the company meets FDA and California Prop 65 standards. This ceramic cookware is made from renewable, raw materials using eco-friendly manufacturing methods, and is free of PFOAs, glues, polymers, coatings, and dyes. Ceramcor Xtrema products come with a 10-year warranty and are dishwasher safe.

Price at time of publish: $220

Final Verdict

Our top pick for eco-friendly non-stick cookware is Greenpan Cookware Sets. But if you’re willing to make an investment in a lifetime set, Le Creuset’s Signature Set is worth every penny for their excellent heat distribution and durable enamel cookware. 

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