The 7 Best Herb Garden Kits of 2022

Grow and enjoy fresh herbs year-round

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You can’t beat the taste of fresh herbs in your favorite recipes. They bring out the best flavors in any dish. While summer is the most common time to grow herbs, you can really keep them going any time of the year when you have a good herb garden kit. All it takes is a little bit of planning, and you’ll be set to have fresh herbs year-round

As you’re searching for a good herb garden kit, keep in mind that not all will be all-in-one systems with soil, seeds, etc. In fact, sometimes it’s best to purchase those separately, so you can get exactly what you want. If you do find a kit that includes it all, be sure to look for seeds listed as organic or non-GMO. This will help ensure high quality and good flavors. 

Here are the best herb garden kits to get you one step closer to always having fresh herbs at your fingertips.

Best Overall: GrowLED Indoor Garden

GrowLED Light

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It doesn’t matter whether you have the perfect windowsill or growing conditions when you have the GrowLED system. This is a foolproof way to grow fresh herbs: It has a built-in light you can either turn on as needed or set the timer to automate the process, which is also good for energy efficiency.

The simple minimalist design works just about anywhere and can hold three to five pots, depending on the size. You can buy GrowLED planters separately or use your own. It’s also nice to be able to buy your own seeds or plants so you can get exactly what you want.

Indoor Garden Tip

To find a good growing area inside for your herbs, look for a sunny spot that will have even temperatures. Window ledges can be great, as long as they’re not drafty. If you lack indoor sun spots, you might consider using a grow light, indoor machine, or hydroponic system instead.

Best Budget: Garden Republic Herbs in the Burbs Herb Garden Kit

Garden Republic Herb Garden Kit

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This starter kit includes organic heirloom seeds in a wooden planter box with everything you need right at your fingertips. It’s about as sustainable as you can get with burlap grow bags, bamboo plant markers, and soil discs (similar to seedsheets) that will fill out the grow space just by adding water. You even use the box it all comes in as a holder.

This kit includes seeds for growing cilantro, thyme, parsley, and basil. You’ll want to set this up in a sunny spot and water as needed (usually when the soil is dry to the touch). This kit would make a great housewarming gift or present for the gardener in your life—even if that means a gift for yourself! 

Best Hydroponic: AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden garden

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AeroGarden is a well-respected name in the gardening world. The company has been around for years, offering compact, in-home solutions for those who want to garden year-round. The system uses little grow pods, no soil required. This specific model holds up to six pods, including parsley, basil, dill, thyme, mint, and Thai basil.

With a control panel that tells you when to add water and food (a bottle of plant nutrients is included), it really takes out any guesswork. The hydroponic method will get you results up to five times faster than soil, and when one pod is done growing, you can just remove it and replace it with another. You can find plenty of pod options, like this salad greens mix, all non-GMO.

Best Portable: EarthBox Garden Kit

EarthBox Kit

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Here’s another kit that you can customize to your specific tastes or needs. Wheels allow you to easily move it around as needed (say, to catch as much natural sun as possible). The self-watering system features a tube that you fill with water, keeping your plants optimally watered at all times.

It can be used indoors or outdoors; gardeners who love patio or container gardening have been using the EarthBox for years, and it’s perfect for herbs as well. Just add plants or seeds, and the box pretty much does the rest. At 29 x 14 x 11 inches, you should be able to fill it with all your favorites.

Best With Light: SunBlaster Grow Light Garden 1600200

SunBlaster Light

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When you don’t have a lot of natural light coming through, then you have to rely on grow lights to give you greens throughout the year. This kit has a full-spectrum light that uses 20 percent less electricity than a traditional system. You could even set it up in a basement and be confident you’ll see results.

It comes with eight plastic growing containers, which you can switch out as needed. Just add your favorite seed mix, and you’ll be ready to go. Come spring, you could also use this system for starting your seeds.

Best for Small Spaces: Mr. Stacky TC-1 Stacked Planter

Mr. Stacky TC-1 Stacked Planter

When you’re challenged by a lack of gardening space, going vertical is always a good option to consider. This garden tower is a stackable system you can use both inside and out to really maximize your space. Plus, it’s a smart way to conserve water since it benefits from a trickle-down watering system.

This kit can hold up to 20 plants, giving you a full-fledged herb garden without using up much floor space. Choose the seeds or plants you want, but for optimal success, consider starting off with small plants, allowing you to start harvesting your herbs right away. It would also be perfect for growing strawberries.

Best for Windowsills: Suream Window Box Planter 3 Pack

Suream Window Box Planter 3 Pack


These herb planter boxes are versatile enough to work on ledges, windowsills, or the patio. Plus, the modern shape and design looks great just about anywhere. Water drainage holes keep soil drained and ventilated, providing proper airflow and promoting plants to grow strongly.

Plant herbs, succulents, houseplants, or even annuals, and keep them grouped together or spread them out wherever you have sunshine.

Final Verdict

Our top pick for an indoor herb kit is the GrowLED Indoor Garden Grow Light (view on Wayfair). If you're looking for a kit that includes all the seeds, soil and gear, consider the Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit from Garden Republic (view on Amazon).


How do you use an herb growing kit?

Most herb growing kits come the instructions you need to get growing. Some also come with all the seeds, soil or grow medium, and fertilizer required to get started. You’ll add water, plant the seeds, and place them in a sunny spot or under a grow light. Depending in the needs of the type of herb you choose to grow, you’ll want to add water and fertilizer regularly. 

Do indoor herb gardens work?

Yes! If you don’t neglect them. Make sure your herb kit has plenty of light, the right amount of water, and isn’t in a spot that gets cold. Check out our list of herbs that are easy to grow from seed.

Are herb kits worth it?

Homegrown herbs taste better than what you might find at the store, and growing your own means you can avoid any unnecessary plastic packaging. 

An indoor kit might not save you much much money if you’re using a lot of fresh herbs in your cooking. However, if you are the kind of person who finds yourself with wilted or spoiled herbs in the back of the fridge, then a living plant that says in view (reminding you to water it) just might save you money—because you don’t have to use up the herbs in your planter at any particular time. Just let them continue to grow! 

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