The 8 Best Greenhouses of 2021

Extend your growing season—or better yet, garden all year—with a greenhouse

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The Rundown
"You can top your toe into the greenhouse world with this easy, cost-effective choice."
"This large structure goes up quick and easy, because you don’t need any tools for assembly."
Best For Small Spaces:
Mini Pop Greenhouse at Amazon
"You’ll only need about a 3-foot square space for this miniature greenhouse."
"If you live in a cold climate, this cold frame house will extend your gardening season."
"This raised bed is made from non-toxic, unpainted fir wood, which is naturally resistant to rot and pests."
"Build your own greenhouse with these plans, which include a materials list, cut list, and drawings."
"This recommendation is not greenhouse, but it’ll help get you started on the perfect indoor set-up."
"This simple mini greenhouse is a small but sturdy option for tight spaces."

Your growing season doesn’t have to end at with first cold days of fall. When you add a greenhouse to your indoor or outdoor space, you can extend your garden by months. In some areas, you might even be able to garden year-round. You don't need a huge space or a lot of money to have your own greenhouse, because there are so many options on the market.

As you start your search for a greenhouse, the first thing you’ll want to consider is your space. No matter the size you have to work with, the lighting and location will both have a huge say in what kind of setup you need. This will also help you know what other equipment or supplies you’ll need in order to be successful. If you’re particularly handy, you might consider building your own. For instance, this geothermal greenhouse has been extremely popular over the years, and the builder did it for less than $300! You can also look into the walipini option or a hoop house.

Whether you decide to build on your own or buy something to get you started, you’re going to love having a greenhouse. Not only will it lighten those darker months, but you’ll have bright plants and maybe even delicious food to enjoy, too. It shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect one to meet your needs, we hope this list helps you find the right greenhouse for you.

Here are Treehugger's picks for the best greenhouses:

Best Budget: Amerlife Portable Mini Greenhouse

Thinking about trying a greenhouse but not ready to invest a lot of time, space, or money? This greenhouse made by Amerlife is a great choice for starters. You can use it both inside or out—the ground pegs will help stake it and hold it in place.

Many people use portable greenhouses like this one to cover fragile plants in winter, or to get an early start on seeds in spring. Depending on your area's climate, you can even use a greenhouse to keep your favorite veggies growing throughout the year. The Amerlife Portable Greenhouse is an easy, cost-effective way to dip your toe in the greenhouse world.

Best Portable: KOKSRY Indoor and Outdoor Greenhouse

The pipe frame of this house is made from steel, while the structure itself uses environment-friendly polyethylene (PE)—a material that is resistant to cold temps. KOKSRY's greenhouse is one of the most affordable options for its large size, sitting at 56 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 76 inches tall.

It should go up quick and easy, because you don’t need any tools for assembly. It's easy to move it around to anywhere in your home or yard. This greenhouse can be used to overwinter plants, grow new ones, or for seedlings. It’s even roomy enough to do all three!

Best For Small Spaces: Mini Pop Greenhouse

You only need about a 3-foot square space for the Mini Pop Greenhouse. Installation only takes seconds because all you have to do is pop it up, and it’s ready to go. It comes with four steel ground tacks if you want to secure it to a garden bed, and features a zippered window that can be opened during warmer days and closed at night.

This greenhouse works well for that tender plant that needs extra protection in winter, or you can grow something completely new. When you’re done using this greenhouse for the season, it folds flat for easy storage. This is perfect both inside or out, all you need is a sunny spot.

Best Cold Frame: MCombo Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse 0760

MCombo Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

If you live in a cold climate, then chances are you’ve dreamed about extending your growing season, and building or installing a cold frame is a great option. Traditionally, cold frames are low to the ground and have a roof that opens up on a hinge. The top, which is usually transparent, allows sunlight to get through to the plants without heat escaping.

The MCombo Wooden Cold Frame has these same benefits, but stands taller and opens from the side for convenient and easy access. It’s made from natural fir and is both waterproof and has UV protection. It features a self that can be adjusted to fit different plant heights. It would make a beautiful addition to a sunroom, patio, or deck. MCombo offers a 1-year warranty for this greenhouse.

Best Raised Bed: U-MAX Raised Garden Bed Planter Box

The U-MAX Raised Garden Bed Planter Box is made from non-toxic, unpainted fir wood, which is naturally resistant to rot and pests. It stands 30 inches tall, making it easy to access plants without kneeling.

Assembling this raised bed is straightforward, and comes with all the instructions and materials you need. Once you have it together, you can attach the optional PE greenhouse cove to the frame. This will help you get the season started earlier or extend it. At 42 inches long x 19 inches deep, it’s perfect for starting seeds, growing herbs, or even keeping annuals going year-round. Adding a greenhouse frame to existing raised beds is a great way to make the most of your space. You could build your own or look for an add-on frame and cover set (view on Amazon). 

Best Plans to DIY: Rob Terry 8' x 12' Greenhouse Plans

RJ Terry 8' x 12' Greenhouse Plans

The owner of this Etsy store, Rob Terry, really covers the market when it comes to greenhouse plans. He has a few dozen to choose from, ranging in size, and his plans make it so easy to understand the necessary steps and put it all together.

The plans for this 8 foot x 12 foot greenhouse come with a spiral, 47-page book that includes a materials list, cut list, and drawing to help illustrate every step along the way. His goal is to make it possible for anyone to make their own greenhouse with basic supplies (this one mostly calls for 2x4 boards). 

Best for Indoors: Aokrean Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

This recommendation is not greenhouse, but it’ll help get you started on the perfect indoor set-up.

The Aokrean Grow Light has four LED arms that are easy to move around, and an adjustable tripod. The flexibly of this light be used in a number of different ways, for example inside a pop-up greenhouse or in an extra space or any room in your house. With enough lights, you could even create a greenhouse in your basement. These lights have a timer option and are dimmable, giving you even more control to adjust it to your specific space or needs.

Best Miniature: Costway 3.33' W x 1.75' D Mini Greenhouse

Costway 3.33' W x 1.75' D Mini Greenhouse

This plain, natural greenhouse by Costway offers a little corner of sunshine and warmth to grow plants throughout the year. You can leave its wooden fir frame just as it is, or you can paint it your favorite color to match the decor of your space.

It’s 40 inches long, 28 inches deep, and 21 inches tall, making it small enough to tuck on a balcony or small deck but big enough to hold several plants. The roof hinges at the tip, making it possible to raise and lower both sides for good ventilation. You can use this mini greenhouse to start your seeds in early spring before it warms up outside, or keep your annual going throughout winter. 

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a big greenhouse to protect lots of plants, we suggest the KOKSRY Indoor and Outdoor Greenhouse (view on Amazon). For a small but sturdy option, consider the Costway Mini Greenhouse (view on Wayfair).

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